Saturday, September 12, 2009

Necromancer Games ruined Castles & Crusades with nudity and graphic violence!

Alan Grohl worked for Brave Halfling Publishing! What a fat fucktard!

Jeff Rients vs. Mike Mearls – nerdrage battle royale!

Forward! To Adventure is the one true way. Now piss off you stupid Grognards!!

Stop picking on Peter Bradley, he’s the most level-headed Self-Promoter, after all.

OSRIC is completely broken because of the Skills/Feats

Topics guaranteed to heat up the conversation of the blog or forum of choice.

Then there is this at the RPG Blog II

Dang never thought I would make a random table.

Read all about it at Kellri's blog


Zachary Houghton said...

Face it, Rob--you're big-time now!

Robert Conley said...

I won't be unless I get my project out [back to writing and drawing]