Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Introducing Argyll Calum MacDoughall

I got into James Mal's Play by Post Dwimmermount campaign. This is the character I came up with. And yes I really did roll a 18 Intelligence using this secure dice roller. The trick of course I have to survive long enough to actually use it.

Arygll Calum MacDoughall

Human-Magic User 1st

HP 4
AC 9


Start Gold 110 gp
Spellbook Sleep(1), Charm Person (1)

A short stocky man with a wild mane of reddish blond hair and a six inch long full beard. He wears a full nine yard kilt in the brown and black tartan of the MacDoughal He has a dirk slung to the one side and a large sack of supplies on the other. On his face are whorls of blue tattoos marking him as one of the Keepers of the Wyrd.

Dagger (3) - On Person
Mule "Mirk Plooks" (20) (Dark Spots for you lowlanders)
Saddle Bags (10) - On Mule
2 10' Poles (2) - On Mule
48 Iron Spikes (4) - 40 on Mule, 4 on Person
4 Water Skins (4) - 3 on Mule, 1 on Person
24 Torches (4) - 22 on Mule, 2 on Person
6 Stakes 2 Mallets (6) - 3 Stacks, 1 Mallet on Mule, 3 stakes, 1 mallet On Person.
Small Silver Mirror (15) - On Person
1 Weeks Iron Ration (15) - On Person
2 Weeks Std Rations (10) - On Mule
17 GP in coins - On Person

-Argyll's voice
Me name is Argyll Calum MacDoughal Keeper o' th' Wyrd fur me clan. In a dream a clocked a mirk foreboding ben. Underneath is a stoatin treasure that wull save me clan frae destruction. Ah wis disturbed by this dream 'n' sae consulted wi' th' ither Keepers o' th' Wyrd. Th'gither we identified th' ben as Ben Dwimmermount 'n' thay gave thair blessing fur me undergo th' quest. Noo ah stand afore th' ben duin tae adventure within.
While I have a kill Scots accent I use for NERO Live Action and as GM I can't really write with accent. Instead I used this English to Scottish translator.

Anybody who says you can't roleplay with OD&D can go pound salt.

Ah wull seeing ye around th' glen.

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Unknown said...

Ok your missing like 8 spells according the GM s post. Also 4 iron spikes are unaccounted for and 3 stakes have turned into stacks. No ever said you can not role play in D&D you just do not get points for it.