Friday, April 7, 2023

Best Supporting Actors for Old School Essentials

Douglas Cole, over at Gaming Ballistics, is in the last 24 hours of his latest Kickstarter campaign, "Best Supporting Actor". In the spirit of AD&D's Rogue Gallery, this compilation of NPCs is designed for use in your campaign for OSE or any classic D&D edition.

Best Supporting Actors for OSE

What sets Doug's work apart is his experience with SJ Games' The Fantasy Trip. TFT, both in the past and today, has a tradition of presenting interesting NPCs in a simple and easy-to-use format. With this Kickstarter, Doug applies his experience with TFT to one of the OSR's more popular systems, Old School Essentials.

You will be getting 172 distinct NPCs each with their own illustration

Additionally, you have the option of getting a set of cards with the illustrations and stats printed on each.

Appreciate any support you can give to Doug and his efforts