Stuff in the Attic

Stuff in the Attic

Box of Majestic Fantasy Stuff

A set of rules for creating and advancing characters from level 1 to 6. Has the Burglar, Cleric of Mitra, Fighter, and Magic User classes, plus selected races, combat, equipment, and spells.

A set of tables to generate spells that a cleric of magic user has memorized. The table are weighted based on my observations of what players actually pick for their characters. Also contains pregenerated assortment of memorized spells.

The latest rules for creating magic items in my campaign. Magic item bonuses are capped at +3 due to my experience playtesting the previous version. I went through the list and culled every effect and/or item and gave it a value. I strongly recommend enforcing the creation time limit of a 1,000d per game week if you use this.

The rules for magical potions, and non-magical (mostly) herbs. 

Rules for trading, caravans, and ships in a fantasy setting.

A booklet about bandits and brigands along with NPC statistics compatible with the Majestic Fantasy Basic Rules and other classic editions.

A booklet about Demons and Divine Servants with statistics compatible with the Majestic Fantasy Basic Rules and other classic editions.

A booklet about Faeries with statistics compatible with the Majestic Fantasy Basic Rules, and other classic editions.

A booklet with equipment prices and rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG.

A short booklet with stats for snakes for the Majestic Fantasy RPG.

Box of Fantasy Sandbox Stuff

A hexcrawl setting completely under the Open Game License or Creative Commons (your choice). The map was made by flipping an old map of holland around. The method some believe that Dave Arneson used for his Blackmoor map. 

Found the source material for the excellent Medieval Demographics by S. John Ross and came up with my own take on it. More geared towards the generic fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons. Also I include a excel spreadsheet of the Paris Tax Rolls if you want to build your own version. 

An excel spreadsheet I use to compute the number of troop a feudal domain can raise. It is explained in this blog post.

My most popular download of all time. How to build a campaign world and drill down to make something useful that you can use at your table. I placed this on another site of mine that can handle the traffic. The PDF was put together from my posts by Patrick Walsh of Bugbears for Breakfast

Although I use this for the Majestic Wilderlands it can be used for any Fantasy campaign. It is omits categories not often used by adventurers. Uses silver pieces as it base unit of coin.

The full price list so you can buy your war cows if you need them. Also includes a listing of herbs/poisons and their effects in Sword and Wizardry. Much of it is culled off of various Harn price lists. Uses silver pieces as it base unit of coin.

Box of Dungeons and Dragons stuff.

Inspiration PAD Pro Random Tables for ADnD
NPC Personality from the ADnD DM Guide
NPC Personality from Pathfinder's Gamemastery Guide
A combination stat block of the above two.
And random magic item determination from the ADnD DMG.

ADnD Treasure Types
A listing of all ADnD monsters from the Monster Manual sorted by Treasure Type.

Battlesystem 1st Edition Hero Card
Battlesystem 1st Edition Unit Card
4" by 6" card you can print out for your 1st Edition Battlesystem game.

Forgotten Realms, Sembia
My background document for Sembia in the Forgotten Realms. After the release of the Grey Box I considered running a FR campaign.

Ruin Generate
This is the source code and EXE to a collection of random tables written in VB.NET. I wrote this before finding Inspiration Pad Pro. It includes the Judges Guild Ruin generator, ODnD treasure types, and bunch of useful table for when you are cranking out a ODnD hexcrawl setting or adventure.

Sword and Wizardry Tables for Inspiration Pad Pro
A random spell book generator.
A level encounter generator with selectable level.

Box of Adventures

All these adventure are for Swords & Wizardry Core or Complete.

The rough notes and maps for a  ruined elven temple found in a forest currently dominated by Orcs. I have ran this half-dozen times to date. The adventure is pretty solid although I need to flesh it out more for publication and incorporate my playtest notes like I did for Scourge of the Demon Wolf.

A PDF with battle maps of the various levels of a small keep. Each square should print at 1 inch. 

The rough write up for the Hill Fort adventure I created for a campaign. Features a nest of assassins, the Claws of Kalis.

This what I used to run the very first session of the Scourge of the Demon Wolf. There are no stat block because I used stock NPCs I have in my folder of GURPS stuff plus a powerful wolf I found in one of the 3rd Edition bestiaries. Then a year later I used this to run a d20 version again with stock NPCs and a dire wolf.

Box of Fudge Stuff.

Majestic Realm RPG
A set of very alpha rules that uses a hybrid of Fudge and Fate to run a fantasy campaign.

Box of GURPS Stuff

A bunch of GURPS 3rd Edition NPCs I created when I converted the village of Hommlet over to GURPS.
I drew a battle map of the Inn of the Welcome Wench for the campaign. 

A selection of GURPS PCs created for a one off game day. Very basic characters and focuses mainly on combat skills. Includes Swords and Wizardry stats as well. Designed to print on 4" by 6" index cards. Has pictures culled from Google Image search.

The GURPS template I use for creating Myrmidon, a Lawful Evil Paladin of Set.

A bunch of NPCs and creatures I used in a session of the campaign.

The character sheet for Paltar a GURPS Character I ran in a campaign with Tim and Dwayne. Noted for being the first character in our group to use Striking Strength. Inspired by my watching Synder's 300 I made him a spear and shield fighter.

Box of Majestic Wilderlands Stuff

Note: Some of these are background documents from two to six pages. In general I rely on the short descriptions found in my Majestic Wilderlands supplement and hand these out when the player express more interest. Usually, after the campaign has had several sessions.

The calender I use for my Majestic Wilderlands campaign. Includes a 30 day campaign tracker. Designed to be printed as a booklet.

Dwarves of the Majestic Wilderlands
A write up of the Dwarves of the Majestic Wilderlands from the point of view of the region around City-State.

Elves of the Majestic Wilderlands
A write up of the Elves of the Majestic Wilderlands from the point of view of the region around City-State.

A Character sheet I designed for the Majestic Wilderlands. Works for Swords and Wizardry Core or Complete as well. It is mean to be folded over in a mini booklet with the interior blank page used for notes. 

A background document for a Majestic Wilderlands campaign. The players wanted to deal with something like Game of Thrones so it focuses on the noblility. To add spice I based it off of Arthurian legend rather than Martin's setup. Also there is a link to a map the region.

A write up on an important human culture in the Majestic Wilderlands. I drew inspiration from Celtic culture and LOTR Dunedain. They are heavily influenced by the Elves. 

The GURPS template I use for creating Myrmidon, a Lawful Evil Paladin of Set.

The background handout about the Order of Thoth

A jpeg you can print out if all you have is the MW Supplement PDF.

A booklet I create for a player explaining the details of Silvanus the God of Forests. Focus more on religion.

This is a scan of a list of the Princes of the Brotherhood of the Lion, my take on the thieves guild of the City-State of the Invincible Overlord.

The Viridians
A write-up on the demonic race of Viridians in the Majestic Wilderlands. 

Box of Mapping Stuff

This is a 53 hex column by 34 hex row jpeg designed to print on a 22" by 17" poster at 300 dpi. Designed so that the leftmost column and the rightmost column can overlap adjoining maps. The odd xx01 hexes and the odd xx34 hexes overlap the top and bottom maps.

Box of Miscellaneous Setting Stuff

Background for Greyhorn
A fantasy setting I developed for NERO LARP, A boffer fantasy LARP. I designed to be easy to understand and with multiple eras of history to generate possible adventures for events. It seemed to work out well and there were a lot of players that opted to be Rangers of Greyhorn. I setup the Rangers to make them more like the Lord of the Rings than just being skilled woodsmen. It also helped to have watched Babylon 5 and their take on Rangers.

This was the packet I got from Tim of Gothridge Manor for his Jebediah's Bastion campaign.

Box of OSR Stuff

A small foldable booklet that has a short explanation of the Old School Renaissance.

Box of Traveller Stuff

Children of Earth Traveller Supplement Cover
A concept cover for a non Third Imperium setting I been working off and on over the years. Basically the "ancients" are a dinosaurian civilization from 65 million year ago. They have terraformed every possible world within the limits of human exploration with no end in sight ... yet. The "Alien Races" are evolved from earth life on terraformed planets.

Galactic for Windows
Drop this executable in your Galactic folder and you can view the data in a native windows program. It is not an installer and requires a later version of windows (8,7, or Vista) or that a Visual Basic 6 program has been installed at some point on your system.

A handy one page summary of the Third Imperium campaign. The last paragraph is setup for the Aramis subsector and the Traveller Adventure but it can be changed as needed.