Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lulu Discount Feb 2013

I just learned from my friend Tim Short that Lulu has a discount code going right now, FEBBOOKS13.  It's good for 20% off.  If you been wanting to get Scourge of the Demon, Majestic Wilderlands, or one of the many OSR Products on Lulu now is a good time to do so. Also note Lulu is the only place where I sell the alternate cover to the Majestic Wilderlands.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Manor #3

I been pretty sick all last week with 'whatever hell it is' that my kids got and passed on to me. Looks like it I finally getting over it and starting to catch up on some unfinished business.

First off my friend Tim over at Gothridge Manor has released Manor #3 last week.

The centerpiece of the issues is the Mine of Rot and Disease which is a pretty good short adventure that he ran me and the group through a couple of years back. A village is sick from some disease and the adventurers have to figure out the source and deal with it.  It also feature a map that I drew for Tim.

Next is a bit of poetry by the Rusty Battleaxe this time about a Black Dragon.

Next is an article about one of Tim well written NPCs called Pog Nog's Cart. A goblin that might just happens to have something you can use.

Finally wrapping it up is an article about Adzeer, God of the Monster Hunt. More specifically a new cleric class variant that worship the god and dedicate their lives to hunting monsters. It is designed for the Blood and Treasure RPG.

If any of that sound interesting stop by his store and pick up a copy for $3.50 (US) / $4.50 (world) or go to RPGNow and get the PDF for $2.50.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Delving into AD&D: Parrying and other combat options.

From Page 104 of the Player's Handbook

Participants in a melee can opt to attack, parry, fall back, or flee.

Attack can be by weapon, both hands, or grappling.

Parrying disallows any return attack that round, but the strength "to hit" bonus is then subtracted from the opponent's "to hit" dice roll(s), so the character is less likely to be hit.

Falling Back is a retrograde move facing the opponent(s) and can be used in conjunction with a parry, and opponent creatures are able to follow if
not otherwise engaged.

Fleeing means as rapid a withdrawal from combat as possible; while it exposes the character to rear attack at the time, subsequent attacks can only be made if the opponent is able to follow the fleeing character at equal or greater speed.
Even after 30 years still finding stuff I didn't know back in the day.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Delving into AD&D: Infinite Wishes

  • Use a Candle of Invocation to summon a efreet
  • Use a charge from the Rod of Beguiling to make him your friend (no saving throw)
  • Use your first wish
  • Use your second wish to recharge the Rod
  • Use your third wish to create a Candle of Invocation.
  • Dismiss the Efreet with your thanks.
  • Repeat

Saturday, February 9, 2013

From the Attic: The day I lost the Majestic Wilderlands

Over on Zenopus Archives, there is a post about the brown dice found in the original Marsh/Cook Expert Set. Zach relates a story about how they were playing in the car and the father took a u turn too fast and the dice went flying out the open window.

I had a similar experience except I nearly lost the Majestic Wilderland and all my AD&D material.

My first car was a Dodge Polara, a year younger than me and older than my friends Dwayne and Tim.

To say it had issues is putting it mildly. If I took a tight corner the entire electric system would flicker which was very disconcerting at night. One virtue the car had was it was huge. Big enough for a brief smuggling career when two of my friend got into the trunk and I drove them into the County Fair past the admissions gate.  I could pack all my gaming stuff in the back seat along with room left over for friends to ride along.

Anyway in the middle of my hometown there is Diamond Square which is a oval park with a main road around it. Well one day with Tim and Dwayne in the car I was driving to run a game at another friend's house and I had to go around the Diamond. Well I took it too fast, the door flew open and my milk crates full of Majestic Wilderlands notes, miniatures, and gamebooks was ejected from the car.

Luckily the milk crates, they were the wooden kind, were tough and nothing important was lost. It was more embarrassing than anything else.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A D&D Public Service Announcement

The PDF for Dave Cook's Expert Set has been released today. Along with Moldavy's Basic Set you can own the complete B/X Dungeons and Dragons Rules.

Aside from Race as Class, I have to admit that this particular edition of DnD has grown on me namely because of it's ability to encompass a complete fantasy roleplaying game in just two slim books.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tabletop reviews Dragon Age

Wil Wheaton of Star Trek Next Generation fame has created a well-received web series called Tabletop about people playing various games. He use techniques from the celebrity poker shows and other types of reality television to create informative shows spotlighting people playing various games like Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, Zombie Dice. I watched a few and it is well worth the time, particularly if you want to see if the game is something you want before you buy it.

Wheaton concludes his initial season of Tabletop with a two episodes highlighting a roleplaying game. Namely Dragon Age from Green Ronin. While not older edition D&D or one of the retro-clones, I figured this would be a very interesting episode to watch.