Sunday, February 24, 2013

Manor #3

I been pretty sick all last week with 'whatever hell it is' that my kids got and passed on to me. Looks like it I finally getting over it and starting to catch up on some unfinished business.

First off my friend Tim over at Gothridge Manor has released Manor #3 last week.

The centerpiece of the issues is the Mine of Rot and Disease which is a pretty good short adventure that he ran me and the group through a couple of years back. A village is sick from some disease and the adventurers have to figure out the source and deal with it.  It also feature a map that I drew for Tim.

Next is a bit of poetry by the Rusty Battleaxe this time about a Black Dragon.

Next is an article about one of Tim well written NPCs called Pog Nog's Cart. A goblin that might just happens to have something you can use.

Finally wrapping it up is an article about Adzeer, God of the Monster Hunt. More specifically a new cleric class variant that worship the god and dedicate their lives to hunting monsters. It is designed for the Blood and Treasure RPG.

If any of that sound interesting stop by his store and pick up a copy for $3.50 (US) / $4.50 (world) or go to RPGNow and get the PDF for $2.50.

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Gothridge Manor said...

Thanks for the shout out Rob and glad to hear you finally getting better.