Thursday, September 17, 2009

Into Dwimmermount

James Maliszewski's Play by Post Dwimmermount campaign has started!

You set at from Muntburg shortly before dusk, hoping to arrive at the Red Gate shortly before Areon reaches its zenith in the evening sky. The journey is uneventful, for the wilderness surrounding Dwimmermount is seemingly devoid of animal life. Indeed, the lack of the usual nighttime sounds is mildly unnerving. The terrain itself is rocky and dry, with strange shrubs and twisted trees spread across the northern slopes of the mountain, as you trudge on toward the Gate.

In time, you come across the Stairs of Mavors -- the Path of War -- carved by the Thulians centuries ago and leading up to the Red Gate. Your trek becomes much easier, although the purple-tinged air that surrounds you, often illuminated by dim purple sparks, does little to ease your minds.

The Red Gate itself is an impressive bit of handiwork, a huge metal portal carved from the metal sages call areonite, for it is closely associated with the Red Planet. Standing taller than a Man and strangely absent any markings except the shield and spear of Mavors, it gleams in the moonlight -- a sight unlike any you expected to see on this lonely mountainside.

When at last Areon rises in the sky, you are momentarily worried, for nothing seems to happen. Then the Red Gate does more than reflect the dim light of the far-off Red Planet; it magnifies it. Soon, a red glow grows and seemingly consumes the Gate itself, which fades away, leaving behind an open portal and a set of stairs descending downwards.

If the legends are true, the Red Gate will remain open till sunrise tomorrow. You have that much time either to enter and escape or find another means to do so, lest you be trapped inside for three months -- assuming you survive at all.

This initial post really grabbed my attention. It is very evocative and words like Areon, the Red Gate, the Stairs of Mavros - Path of War appealed to the Tolkien geek in me. Gives the right hint to the history of the place. It needed a little editing but then so do my posts. Looking forward to seeing what other mysteries are found here.

You can catch all the action here.

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