Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gothridge Manor Interviews Bob Liddil

Bob Who? I am sure many of you are asking. You can read about it here at Gothridge Manor.

Tim, Dwayne and myself have differing styles and interests. But one thing we liked together is sandbox gaming. And we liked products that allowed us to do this better and easier. One type of product that we found useful was represented by Flying Buffalo's City Books. A series of shops that can be placed in just about any fantasy city. Very useful if the players decide to go Modron instead of City-State at the last minute.

Bob Liddil wrote Apothecary on the Street of Dreams (and others) which is a particularly excellent example of this type of supplement. Of the three Tim is the one who liked these type of supplements the best so it is great that he scored an interview with one of his favorite RPG authors. So head on over to Gothridge Manor and read what he has to say.

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