Sunday, September 26, 2010

Straight off the Moldavy Press, The Elf Lord's Temple

On Saturday the 25th I referred the final levels of the Elf Lord's Temple at the Gold Star Anime in Edinboro. I will have a play report later this week but for now I thought everybody would like to see the raw notes I used.

In earlier posts I remarked how minimal the early dungeon write-ups appeared to be. So using the Moldavy dungeon stocking rules I decided to give this a try. The random results were surprisingly easy to make sense of. Easy to fit around the few special locations I knew had to be in the dungeon.

Speficially I generated this using the Moldavy Dungeon Stocking rules level 3 of the Monster & Treasure Assortment for the Ground level, Level 4 for the 1st level of the Temple, and Level 5 for the 2nd level (Maze) portion of the temple.

I am not sure how it work out for a novice referee but as somebody with experience it was easy to look at the entries and come up with the details based on the general theme of the dungeon and the sparse description.

I am planning on fleshing it out for publication later in the year. Basically putting in the details that I come up with during my various playtests.

You can see for yourself by downloading this PDF. If you are planning to attend Erie Days of Gaming and play my events in November don't read this.

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JeraldSr said...

Tim over at Gothridge Manor has already given a description of how this part of the adventure went, and Janus has already added disparaging remarks about the stupid Human Male Thug Hazar's actions!