Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stack Exchange RPG Update

The RPG Stack Exchange site is up and running. Not without a few issues. Some didn't like the fact that other can edit their questions and answers. Like all such things there is a learning curve among the participants and some will take to it and some will prefer the community of a forum.

I asked a couple of questions that I got good answers on. For example I was working on the city of Viridistan and was trying to figure out the immediate geography of the surrouding area.

The resulting answers helped a lot and ultimately led me to several places to look notably medieval London.

So even if you are not going to participate on a regular basis you may want to try asking a question or two for something that you are preparing or wondering about. We need more people that are knowlegable about other game systems to particpate as well. As D&D 4e questions predominate the questions.

The last bit of news is that I been one of the four moderators for the beta. So if you have any specific issue or question let me know.


Kevin Mac said...

This is interesting. Hadn't heard about it till now. Will check it out a bit more deeply...

Riley said...

I have posted a couple of questions about AD&D and Swords and Wizardry and got very good responses by and large.