Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

Thanks to Grognardia's Get Lamp post I found this collection of old BBS RPG text. AD&D 2nd Edition fans should find lots of goodies.

For those of you using Virtual Table top Devin's Gaming Tokens has a great selection that author generously made free. Although he does accept donations.

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Melan said...

A walk down memory lane. I have read tons of these files (not only the RPG-related stuff; actually more like random netbooks and diskmags) and it was a formative experience. And for me, it is a perfect example of nostalgia: something that evokes fond memories, but I do not particularly want to revisit.

Some highlights typical of the period:
"The Highlander Guide for Fantasy Role Playing Games by Duncan McDier of the Clan McDier" Your favourite series: the gamening.

"The Complete Guide to Metallica for Fantasy Role-Playing Games" (actually about a fantasy metal)

"The First Annual Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else" Punkpunk, general coolguyism and "the Orichalcum Cyberarm".

"The Blue Ball Bowling System, by Desmond Reid" Among the many useless net guides written by Desmond Reid, this is one of the least interesting. But we learn that "Bowling (BOHL ing) is one of the oldest underground sports. It is played by rolling a ball down a highly polished wooden runway toward ten wooden pins set up in the form of a triangle." and "Various forms of bowling have been developed by different races including Head-Bowl by the hill giants, a smaller version of bowling called Nuts by the gnomes, Bowling-For-Blood by the goblins, and MagiBowl by some upper-class humans with magical abilities and/or lots of money."
Oh Desmond.