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Syrivald seemed better off when I was on vacation. Part I

The quote of the evening occurred after a bunch of Claws of Kalis ambushed the party in the keep of the Hill Fort. After letting loose with a web spell that ensnared a Claw, another came out of hiding and shot him with a light crossbow. The Claws get a special sneak attack ability of +1d6 damage per level, he rolled a natural 20 and dealt 21 points downing Syrivald in a single blow. Over the headphone through Skype came the immortal words.
Syrivald seemed better off when I was on vacation and unavailable to run him.
Read on for the rest of the story.
Cast of Characters
Tim as Ashling a Elven Montebank, (Rouge, Magicuser type)
Dwayne as Eoleander a Half Viridian/Elven Fighter
Rusty Battle Axe as Syrivald Human Mage from the Order of Thoth.

recruited from the Tainted
Nasheen, Female Human Half Viridian, 3rd level Burglar, Charm Person - 23 years old
Avaria, Female Human Half Viridian, 1st Level Burglar Sleep - 15 years old.
Shaleen, Female Human Half Viridian 2nd level Fighter +1 shield +1 short sword Shield, Intense, Charisma 8, 17
Voris, Male Human Half Viridian, Thug +1 short short Ornate Eagle Short Charm Person Typical Thug, 19,
Plaive, Male Human Half Viridian, 2nd Mountebank +1 Ring of Protection 1/1st Level Sleep 1/lst sleep Scatter-brain, 20
Mal, Male Human Half Viridian Thug Light Typical Thug does what ordered, 18
When we last left off the party was preparing to leave to explore an old hill fort they found near Gormmah. The plan, driven by Eoleander's ambition, is to claim it and use it as a center of a domain. First the party took eight days to train and scribe some new 4th level spells from the School of of Ancient Verities.

By the end of the week Nasheen came with her friends to swear loyalty to Eoleander. While the newly arrived henchmen were picking up gear from the party treasury. Ashling decided to put the Mountebank to the test. Tossing him an apple
Convince me to buy that for a gold crown.
Plaive then gave an inspiring speech on the virtues of the apple. Ashling applauded and replied.
Now take the apple, leave, and don't come back until you have sold it for a gold crown. You have three day before we set sail and leave.
The party finished up the studying and training. Then got their gear together. When Ashling went down to the kitchen the morning of the day they were due to he found Plaive, sitting with his feet on table, eating the apple. Then he tossed a gold crown on the table. When Ashling took the crown, Plaive spoke
Yep I can get a gold crown for this apple and kept the apple in the bargain.
Ashling smiled and sat down.

That nice, now get me breakfast and convince me is the best breakfast in Viridistan.
The smirk disappeared from Plaive's face as he got up and tried to put together a breakfast. Looking around he took some slices of ham and put them on a trencher of bread. Heated them up on top of the oven and the served them to Ashling while praising their virtues. Ashing looked at Plaive.

You do

And gave him half of the ham and bread.

Eoleander walked in while this was going on and quipped.
I sure don't want to be your Apprentice!
Ashling look at him and gave a look of mock surprise "What did I do?". Everybody laughed.

With the apprentice hazing out of the way. The party when down to the dock where their old friend Ithan Porvis, Captain of the Green Maiden, awaited with their chartered ship. It was a two day uneventful journey to Gormmah on the eastern shore of the Trident Gulf. Once disemarked Eoleander when to the local Chandler and later the Ostler. He bought supplies, gear, and horses.

Ashing said he had some unfinished business to take off and took off with Plaive. After a few minute to get their bearing he headed to an old basilica, where the Warden of the Madmen (the local thieves guild) lived. In front of the gate were two Madmen after being refused entry, Plaive slept them both. Then they went into the central hall where Ashling encountered the Warden before. There they found 15 odd madmen lounging around eating, drinking and gambling. Before they could react, Ashling slept, and Plaive followed up with his last sleep spell causing the left few to fall into deep slumber.

After not finding the Warden in the east wing (and leaving it's inhabitants alone), they went into the west wing where the found the Warden's apartment upstairs. After taking care of the guard at the top of the stair with the Ashling final sleep spell, they listened at the Warden's door. Heard sounds of sex.

They quickly opened the door, and Ashling cast polymorph other on the Warden's girlfriend. Transforming her into a large squid. Then he used Wave (gained in an expedition to White Plume Mountain) to command the squid to entangle the Warden. Plaive just stood there in stunned disbelief.

Ashling then walked up to the Warden and demanded his 150 silver. The Warden screaming in terror was able to break free of the squid's grasp and backed up to the wall. At which point Ashling transformed his Gagzitzam dagger into it's free form and sent it after the Warden to fest on his strength.

After a few round Ashling transformed the Gagzitzam back into a dagger. At which point the Warden shakily pointed at the chest where he kept some coin. After carefully counting 150 silver he handed it to Plaive.
You earned this keep it.
And then they left.

They met the rest of the party at the North Gate and proceeded to leave town. Heading north into the wilderness and the Hill Fort.

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