Monday, August 9, 2010


Dwayne, Tim and I had a lot fun last saturday playing various board games late into the evening. First Dwayne and I tried a few round of the Settlers of Catan card gams which was a lot of fun. Then when Tim got there we tried to deal him in but found out all the expansion Dwayne bought were for the original version. Settlers of Catan may be a great games but -1 for making a confusing set of boxes.

Well not to worry Dwayne brought a Babylon 5 board games which was a lot of fun. You build your own galaxy with the included tiles and fight it out. I played the Minbari, Dwayne the Centauri, and Tim the Earth Alliance. The first several rounds were peaceful but then Dwayne went after Tim. After a two rounds of the Centuri trashing the Earth Alliance I warned him to back off. He ignored me.

Luckily for me I had a couple of card that allowed me to rearranged the map due to spatial distortion and the like. The Centauri went down however the Earth Alliance then started to attack the Minbari!. Well the second Earth-Minbari war didn't go so well for the Minbari. It was hard fought but eventually Minbar fell and Tim won.

The last game with Tomb. Produced by AEG, you recruit parties of adventurers and go dungeon crawling. The dungeon is filled with crypts and one is open the board tells whether the player on the left or right is cryptmaster and runs the monster and adjudicates the traps. Death happens nearly every round but AEG provided a boatload of adventurers to recruit. There are cards that allow you to screw around with each other both as a player and a cryptmaster.

The game is a lot of fun and really recommend it. There is an expansion which expands on the cryptmaster side of the game. I played it too conservatively and it came down to a race between Tim and Dwayne. Dwayne won with the very last Crypt fight which nearly resulted in a TPK due to my great dice rolls.

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