Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stack Overflow for roleplaying games

Stack Overflow is a new style site for getting questions answered. Opened two years ago it works through anybody asking a question about programming with anybody allowing to answer. Where it differs from a forums and similar sites is the reputation system for rating questions and answers. It is highly refined compared to moderation system, exalts, and other similar systems. Some get addicted to building reputations, and those who have the highest have truly earned it. So far it proven highly effective for getting programming questions answered.

Now they opened up Stack Overflow system for just about any topic. They tried going commerical but their original approach didn't work. So they decided to make it free but with a catch. The catch before they host a site it has to go through several phases to see if it has enough interest.

Sure enough there is a site being generated for Roleplaying games. It is in the commitment phase where people promise to use it during it's beta. When enough have committed then it will open to beta. If it is used enough during beta a permanent site will open.

I think it will be highly useful to the roleplaying community to have a Stack Overflow sites dedicated to answer questions. The reputation system keep the signal noise ratio very high and I will think it work really well. So head on over and sign up so it get into beta.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nice post, Rob. I completely support this.

Gothridge Manor said...

Alright Rob I commited through your link. And you know how much I like these kind of things.

Robert Conley said...

Appreciate it Tim

Frank Mentzer said...

Never heard of it.
Now I'm a Commit.
Looking at other topics too, including non-gaming.

-- FM

Robert Conley said...

@Frank - I can see the candidate for top dog in reputation.

Thanks for committing.