Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bat in the Attic Status Report #5

I am still working on Scourge of the Demon. The Adventure portion is done but I am making a mini-supplement for a barony in the Majestic Wilderlands in the second half. It will have a regional gazetteer (done), A beggar encampment (done), a feudal village (half done), and a mage conclave (outline). I apologize for the slow going but I make progress every day.

Sales for Majestic Wilderlands have fallen off as expected. I sold 37 print copies and 28 PDF copies in April, May, and June. I am quite pleased and thank everyone who bought a copy. We will see how 3rd and 4th quarter sales do as far the long tail goes.

I do advise would be publishers not to let up on any advertising efforts. The recent Escapist Review netted me a few sales. Appreciate it Alex! This serves as a reminder that we only barely scratched the potential of our market so keep looking for those opportunities.

As for other project I am coming into the home stretch of the How to make a Fantasy Sandbox series. I plan to collect it, get it edited, and make it into a nice product. I also did some work on projects further out like Lands of Adventures, and the Main Campaign Guide for the Majestic Wilderlands.


bigkevmcd said...

How about filling out your sandbox material into a book?

I can't think of anything like it in the market.

(Speaking as someone who has bought your Majestic Wilderlands, and Points of Light books)

bigkevmcd said...

Oops, just noticed your final paragraph!

Am looking forward to it!

The Bane said...

I am bending to your will and should be purchasing a Majestic Wilderlands copy soon in the future.

As for a "How to Build a Sandbox" book, I would love to see your mapping tutorial (using preferably Inkscape as it is free) finished and added to such a resource. Now THAT would be 100% purchase for me! Then it could be called, "How to Build and Map a Sandbox!" Awesomeness in a can!


PS... How would one contact you off Blog?

The Bane said...

Since I am intending on buying some form of copy of this in the near future, I had a question. Are all the maps in the book the same style as the ones that appear on the Majestic Wilderlands' site?

If so, why did you chose that style as opposed to your 'Harn' style that I personally like so well? IP issues?


Robert Conley said...

@Bane, my email is on my blogger profile. Just click my name on this comment and you will see it.

They are general overview. The book is half a set of house rules implementing Swords & Wizardry for the Majestic Wilderlands and half a general overview of the setting. The maps reflect that level of detail.

For the more detail oriented products I will be using Harn style. My style diverged enough that while I am similar it not the same. For example my hill and mountain textures isn't exactly the same as Columbia's games.

You can see the progress of the main region map at this post.

It going to be very much harn style.

Robert Conley said...

Yes a tutorial on mapping using Inkscapee is definitely in the outline at the moment.