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I don't want to be like tears in the rain

Monday our weekly Swords & Wizardry game got going again after a short hiatus. Looking over the state of my notes for the monthly Gold Star Anime game and my weekly game I decided that I need to blog about the weekly game as well as the record keeping of the Gold Star Games is much better. Tim of Gothridge Manor has some comments on the session here.

Cast of Characters
Tim as Ashling a Elven Montebank, (Rouge, Magicuser type)
Dwayne as Eoleander a Half Viridian/Elven Fighter
Rusty Battle Axe as Syrivald Human Mage from the Order of Thoth.

The day started with the party heading down to the Celadon Palace, the Citadel of Viridistan to met with Cathwar one of the members of the Council of Viridistan. Eoleander was informed that the Council had located a suitable weapon to trade for Blackrazor. They arrived at the citadel and were escorted into Cathwar's office.

In trade, Cathwar was prepared to offer Dancer a +3 Sword that acted also as a +3 ring of protection due to it's ability to enhance parrying to unearthly levels. Along with this he offered an assortment of +2 weaponry and shields for the use of the rest of the party. However Eoleander continued to bargain hard and was able to secure title to an estate near Viridistan. Cathwar didn't seem particularly bothered by this and pointed out that the Council had numerous estates on their hands that they are willing offer title for in order to get them back on the tax rolls. When pressed about military service he was slightly offended replying tersely
We don't practice feudalism like those easterners over in City-State.
Aside from that the deal was concluded successfully and the party returned to their house on Scholar Street. Over lunch Eoleander proposed that they go and clear out an old hill for they found in the wilderness north of the Barradine mountains near Gormmah. (note update and distribute a new player map). He wanted this for several reasons, first it would be a place where they could safely meet with the dragon Maddas (a copper dragon they met on one of their early adventures), second a base from which they can expand their own realm.

The conversation switched to talk about the fact that the party has been wandering back and forth between the Gormmah area and Viridistan. Eoleander suggested that they research the portals they found in the Trehaen Circle of Pelys and figure out how to move one of them to the hill fort. That way they can use the entrance portal in Viridistan go through the various rooms and portals of Pelys and emerge near instantly in or near the hill fort.

(The Circle of Pelys is a series of rooms interconnected by portals. Each room has four ports. This is based on C3 the Lost Island of Castamir. The party successfully dug up the entrance portal and brought it to Viridistan and installed it in their house.)

In addition one of the rooms isn't a room at all. The four portal open out on a level force wall that surrounds a 60' tower 40 feet above the ground. The tower is perched on a ridge rising 2000 feet from an ocean of mist. To make things even stranger there not one but two suns in the sky.

Eoleander they saw hippogriff there and since both Ashling and Syrivald know Charm Monster they will be able to gain some hippogriff steeds in the meantime. After the lunch was over it was decided to try to get the hippogriffs first.

The party entered Pelys and emerged into the tower "room". Looking at the stairs spiraling outside of the tower they decided to go up. There they found the hippogriff nest with three eggs and assorted items. Some were valuable, a like a silk bag, but the one that catch their attention was a figurine of a ebony fly. Syrivald picked it up and lucky for him the Shield of Magic that all Thothian mages learn protected from the potent curse laid on the figurine. If Eoleander or Ashling picked up it would left them Blind and unable to speak.

The party then descended the stairs to the ground (the top of the ridge) and found a open archway. It lead into a 30' diameter room in the base of the tower. There they beheld a strange sight. A translucent egg 10' high floating in mid air. When they examined they saw a man in scholar robes inside as if he was embedded in material of the egg. Syrivald remarked either he is trying to preserve himself in stasis for some reason or is imprisoned.

After the mystery of the egg the party decides to wander along the ridge top. It ran in a north south direction and they decided to head north. Eoleander was nearly lost when he misstepped and nearly tumbled down the slope. But his great dexterity and strength stopped him only 50 feet down. After traveling nearly three leagues the came to the northern terminus of the ridge.

It was there when Syrivald figured that they were in a wold. He explained that in various regions of the Wilderland, especially where the fey live, the Wilderlands can stretch. A person could walk around a small region in a hour but if he attempted to traverse it would be a much larger land inside. The double sun is undoubtedly a side effect of being inside of a wold. The good news that every wold is connected to the Wilderlands at some point. If they could it they could exit the wold and see where they are in the Wilderlands.

After this they decided to held back. Drawing near the tower they saw two hippogriff return. Using Charm Monsters they were able to call the hippogriffs to them and tame them. Ashling was the first to try riding them and to his surprise proved to a natural. Syrivald was next and with a little coaching he was able to do a credible job.

Taking a guess that the entrance is below the mists the two flew down the slope into the mists. After a minute of zero visibility they emerged flying down and away from a mountain peak. The peak was part of a north south ranges surrounded by a vast forest. To the south water could be seen. Syrivald and Ashling decided to make for the water and after a four hour trip they came the coast line running from slightly south west to slightly northeast.. Just beyond the southern horizon they could see another shoreline. Offshore they could see a ship in Soturian color which is usually only seen on the Winedark Sea to the north of the City-State. Deciding they flew far enough they headed back north.

The hippogriffs were getting hungry and decided to hunt in the forest before continuing. During Syrivald examined the surrounding flora and got the sense they were in an ancient elven forest. Considering that they were north of Viridistan and City-State, he was pretty sure they were in the Kingdom of Irminsul the largest and greatest of the Elven realms in the Majestic Wilderlands. The trip back was uneventual and they made it back to the mountain peak, flew through the mist and arrived back at the tower.

Returning to their house in Viridistan through the portals of Pelys. They decided that the hippogriffs would be a great asset but it will take a while before the ones hatched from the eggs will be mature enough to ride on. Realizing that they are in the world's largest city they decided to see if anybody is selling Hippogriffs. After inquiring around they found Master Todhunter Steadmen. A wealthy ostler who has the contract to supply horses for Viridistan's cavalry.

At first they had difficulty seeing Master Todhunter but after mentioning they had hippogriff for sale they were immediately escorted to see him. Master Todhunter seemed eager to buy hippogriffs but when the conversation turned to buying them he seemed evasive and wouldn't give a straight answer. Saying that hippogriff were seen as a symbol of Viridian rule and not salable here, He ships them all east to City-State. Ashling comment after they left the premise was
That man was lying through his teeth.
During the conversation it was mentioned that the Council was trying to build up a hippogriff stable. So the party decided to see Councilor Cathwar. Cathwar acknowledged they were trying to breed some hippogriffs but only have six at the moment. It been really difficult to get any for some reason. When told about Master Todhunter statement about shipping hippogriffs east, he was surprised. His fellow Councilor, the dwarf Dorvon, deals with him all the time as he in charge of most military matters.

Dorvon knows that we are trying to build up a flight of hippogriffs."

It was obvious that Master Todhunter must be supplying Viridians with hippogriff. So the party resolved to find proof of this. Ashling said he had a plan and so that night, with the aid of his stealth skill and a few well placed sleep spells he was able to get into Master Todhunter's bedroom. There Ashling unleashed his Gingwatzim (an energy creature found in Pelys). The Gingwatzim feeds on it's victim strength. After few minutes Ashling forced the Gingwatzim to return to dagger form and began to ask Master Todhunter pointed questions.

Hippogriff and all thing Viridian need to be destroyed! Wiped off the face of the Wilderlands! You scum may call them lord and master and kill me but there are a dozen other like me ready to step in and end your evil.
Well it turned out that Master Todhunter hated Viridians and was buying hippogriffs to kill them as they were used extensively by the Viridians. And that he was part of some organization dedicated to killing them. Ashling told him to forget this night and that it never occurred, otherwise the consequences would be severe.

Deciding to lead the Todhunter situation along for another day. The party became preparations to leave Viridistan and head to the hill fort. They found their old friend Ilthan Provis, the Captain of the Green Maiden and chartered his ship again for a trip across the Trident Gulf.

Before leaving Eoleander and the party decided to do a little recruiting and when back to the Ale shop on Dalliance Street. A couple of months ago, the party met a gang of half-Viridians calling themselves the Tainted there. Eoleander stepped into the tavern and confronted the gang. Explaining to them that they had a choice between doing good and doing evil. If they continued their ways, he would deal with them and make a final end.

Their leader, Tarben, laughed in his face replying

Do what you gotta do. What the point? Do good, do evil? All those moments get lost in time, like tears in the rain. If it my time to die, then I die.
Angered Eoleander left the tavern. Two blocks away the party heard people running up and when they turned they saw Tarben's girlfriend Nasheen run up to him.
I don't want to be like tears in the rain. What do have to do? I have friends that feel the same way.
After a moment consideration Eoleander told her to be at the house on Scholar Street in a couple of days. Prepare for a long journey.
I figured I need to start recording my sessions in detail. My memory isn't like how it used to be and when it gets to the phase of my campaigns the detail become important as the interconnection between factions grow. Post 6th level where players in my campaigns start thinking about what kind of mark they want to leave on the world which sets up the high level end game. I admit that most of MW campaigns have been run using GURPS but they follow a similar flow as well.

Tarbel's quote was adapted from Rutger Hauser excellent speech from Blade Runner.

Like Tim of Gothridge Manor said, the campaign as indeed entered a new phase.

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