Friday, August 20, 2010

A Mage's Tale, a story of the City-State

This story sheds a little light into how the Order of Thoth of the Majestic Wilderlands works
A Mage's Tale By Robert S. Conley

Before a young man in robes was a single unlit candle. He focused intently on it, his brows furrowed.

From the corner, “Thil you must channel the mana with your will. Focus it on the candle.”

Turning to the mage lounging on the divan, Thil replied. “I can’t do this with you badgering me Indigo.”

Indigo’s face clouded with anger. “I’m badgering you Thil? What about in battle?” Thil found himself sprawling on the floor as his chair was yanked out from underneath him. Indigo continued talking. “That was a simple apportation that left you helpless. If it was flame, stone or a dozen other nasty spells you would have been dead, Thil.”

“Ignum Pyro” Thil chanted as he cupped his hands. A bright ball of flame appeared in his hand.

Indigo sighed as he flicked his finger, immediately the ball of flame winked out. Then Thil let out a gasp as the table overturned and landed on him. It pinned Thil to the floor as it pressed down. Indigo stood up. “Thil, the vim shields you from direct magical assault, but it doesn’t protect from objects manipulated by magic. And just what was your intent with the flame? You came to me for advanced training. We are done for a while.” Indigo walks out of the room. As the door closes the table falls off of Thil. He gets up and angrily kicks the table.

Indigo enters Master Edward’s study. Edward looks up “Indigo? I thought you would be with Thil teaching him Will casting.”

“I was, Edward. His skills have a long way to go before he is ready.” Indigo replied.
“Despite his potential, his temper and impatience holds him back.”

Edward leans back and sighs, “Since Unely departure, he has the best potential of all our apprentices. It is important to have him trained, Indigo.”

Indigo shook his head. “Having a student try to put fire on me, dampens my enthusiasm Edward. The boy needs to calm down.”

Edward stands up “The conclave needs trained mages, we are too few as it is.”

“Look,” Indigo spoke, “I know this. But you are pushing some of these students way too hard. Any harder they will hurt themselves or others. I know you don’t want to hear it Edward but Thil needs a breather. Badly!” Indigo turns to leave. “Give him some duty that will utilize his current skills and some experience.”

After Indigo left the study Edward begins to think. “What the hell am I going to do with Thil?” he says out loud to the empty room. A few minutes later, while deep in thought, he doesn’t notice another mage standing in the door.

She coughs, “Excuse me, Master Edward.”

He looks up, “Sorry for not noticing you, what can I do for you Frea?”

“A lieutenant of the City Guard just delivered this saying it is urgent.” Frea steps over to Edward’s desk and hands him a sealed scroll.

Edward breaks the seal, unrolls the scroll and begins reading. After a few paragraphs in his brow begins to furrow. After finishing the scroll Edward lays the scroll on the table with a sigh. Turning to Frea, “Please fetch Master Delvar and ask him to come here.”.

“Yes, master. If you don’t mind my asking what did the scroll contained?” Frea asked.

Edward answerd, “It appears that Zik is in the jail of Orc Hold.”

“Oh no what did Zik do?”

“The bill of particular says that he assaulted and killed several guards.” Edward gesturing at the scroll. “I am going to send Delvar to see what the hell happened. Although given his past I can guesswhat occurred.” After pausing a moment, “And tell Thil to come here as well, perhaps this is something he needs to see.”

Frea left the study and Edward took out a blank sheet of parchment. After consulting a book of legal forms he starting writing a writ for Delvar. “Yes I think this will be an excellent learning experience for Thil.”

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