Friday, May 1, 2009

Game Stores

Here Tim at Gothridge Manor talks about Game Stores. I can't say enough of how cool the Warzone Matrix is. The place is packed with current and OOP games and is a warren of tables and game rooms. The firs time I went there two years ago the owner was in the back corner with a buddy of his working on his own set of World War II miniature rules.

Now you just can't get anymore Old School than that.

My other favorite are Books Galore in Erie. They have a back corner that is packed with current and OOP games.

Games Unlimited in Pittsburgh PA (although they have switch mainly to euro games and puzzles.)

Bell's Comics, Cards, & Games has a nice store in Grove City.

Alas in Meadville we are currently without a Game Store. Starting with State Street Model and the Dandylion in the downtown we had a half dozen game stores. But the d20 Glut and the Junior High School moving to the outskirts of town caused the last two to keel over two years ago. (They were on the same block as the old Junior High).

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