Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cartography for Cartography maniacs

I feel one of the best sites for learning about drawing maps is the Cartography Guild here.

It has a nice set of forums, a friendly atmosphere, and most important tutorials and tips for all skill levels and different software.


Chris said...

Well, there goes most of the rest of my afternoon. Cheers Rob, that's good stuff. ;)

Bonemaster said...

It is a good site. I keep forgetting about it. I really need to start working up my skills in the Cartographic Area (at least for Game Mapping Purposes)

Spike Page said...

Yep, the CG forum is a nice helpful and friendly community. I joined a while back..but for the most part have been in lurk-mode.

Dangit I need to get back into my mapmaking mode. It's something I really enjoy, but have not needed one for gaming in a while.