Friday, May 22, 2009

Thanks Dane and all my other customers.

Over here at Jeff's Gameblog he is trying to help his friend Dane with getting started with 2nd edition AD&D. In particular a good string of modules to use from 1st level onwards. Dane replies later thanking everyone for their suggestions and out of the blue, at least for me, mentions that he will be using Points of Light with the modules.

Thanks Dane for being a customer.

And thanks to all of you who have bought Points of Light .

Points of Light II will be out in stores any time now. Plus I am working on some independent project that should see the light of day by summer.

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elrics said...

Can't wait for PoL II. PoL is one of my very favorite RPG supplements...right up there w/Ultimate Toolbox, the Gygaxian Fantasy Series, the Central Casting books, & its big brother, the Wilderlands of High Fantasy.