Friday, May 29, 2009

From the Attic: Favorite TSR Modules, Hommlet

There are a couple of TSR Modules I used over and over again. I consider them my utility modules. TSR had plenty of other good modules but these have elements that allow them to be incorporated easily into my Majestic Wilderlands.

The Village of Hommlet is one of my all time favorite. The was the only module I took the time to convert fully into GURPS. I liked however every inhabitant was listed in the module. One thing I did in my conversion was add a little plot to the town itself.

The construction workers are having issues with the regular villagers who view them as "outsiders" who cause trouble. The construction workers live in a temporary settlement of mud and wattle huts near the castle.

Tension is mounting as the workers attempted to erect a tent to serve as a pub. The resulting protest from Ostler Gundigoot forced the Brewer not to sell any more kegs of beer and ale to the workers. One of the workers is currently in jail because he tried to steal a keg from the Brewer. Much of this is inflamed by the two Traders who are secretly evil agents.

Typically the way the events unfold when I run this are as follows
  1. The PC comes into Hommlet gets a room at the Welcome Wench
  2. That night a rock is thrown into their room shattering the window.
  3. The PC track down the kid and find out about the problem between the two groups
  4. They get interested and start talking to everyone to find out what really going on.
  5. They start seeing that the two Traders are way more involved than they should be and investigate them. Usually by breaking into their establishment.
  6. The workers for a mob intent on liberating the jailed worker
  7. Evidence in hand the PC expose the trader and help forge a compromise between the two sides.
  8. They interrogate the Traders finding out about the moathouse.
  9. Goto the moathouse and clear it out.
In general I don't use the Temple of Elemental Evil but instead tie it to the Slaver series which is part of my Set in City-State plotline. In the Majestic Wilderlands Hommlet is located on the Tharian Coast. Northeast of Elixir and halfway to the Coast. (Map 1 (old)/Map 5 (new)).

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Gothridge Manor said...

Yeah I remember that adventure Rob. It was very well done. And I do think its manditory for players to clear out the moathouse then set up a base of operations from there.

Looking at the module now I am amazed at how rich these peasant folks were.