Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fromt the Attic: The best damn game I ever played.

I told the story of the best game I ran here but that wasn't the best game I played. Tim of Gothridge Manor recounts the game here.

I can't add too much to his account. The whole guide thing with a women dressed as man really did throw me on a couple of levels. I figured that the reason Pam was playing a man was because of the Arthurian genre. Another is that I am 50% deaf. My deafness effects different tones differently. My hearing aids help but I often miss things in a general conversation. Half of me was wondering what I missed. But it was really cool once I got over my confusion and explain a lot why she defended me verbally a couple of times.

One moment I remember clearly was encountering an ice palace in the middle of the realm we were in. It wasn't much of an encounter but Tim did such a good job describing it, it still sticks we me today.

I remember the sacrifice as a zen moment. I seen this happen to players as well as myself. There is a moment with all the threads come together and you just KNOW what to do. The sacrifice was one of those moment. My death was made more shocking because I figured it out a step before everyone else. (Not the usual case for me as a player.)

My only regret was that this was a one-shot. The plot couldn't be anything else. However in a later campaign ran by Tim I got to reprise a slightly different Hawk but that is a different story.

So that my story of the best damn game I ever played.

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