Saturday, August 15, 2020

Blackmarsh in Spanish!

When I released Blackmarsh I made the entire text and map open content under the open game license. When fans of systems like GURPS, Hero System, etc pointed that made it difficult for them to use in conjunction with the permission SJ Games and other companies gave, I added a creative commons license as well. Meaning that you can release Blackmarsh material using the OGL or the Creative Commons license.

The Blackmarsh SRD

I did this because Blackmarsh was meant as a easy to use introduction to a hexcrawl formatted setting like the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. At the time I wrote Blackmarsh, the WoHF Boxed Set was $70 which was a pretty big ask for a hobbyist not familiar with a setting formatted as a hexcrawl.

My use of open license had a benefit that I didn't foresee, namely a giving a pathway for hobbyists in other countries to translate Blackmarsh into another language. A few years back a group translated the setting into Hungarian.

Now the company La Marca del Este has adapted Blackmarsh for their Marca del Este (Eastmark) setting and translated it into Spanish.

They gave me a PDF link to share.

They also had their cartographer do their own version of my maps which looks great. Note they stated with my expanded map which incorporated Wildlands from Points of Light.

Black and White Map

Color Map

Finally a color version of the above incorporating Blackmarsh into their Eastmark setting. Lots of added details. I particularly like how they added in coral reefs.

Map of Blackmarsh in Eastmark

A job well done to Pedro Gil and the rest of the La Marca del Este team.


Luferbal said...

MarcadelEste is a "must" in the spanish OSR community

Robert Conley said...

I didn't know that thanks for shsring.

Omote said...

Would L-O-V-E to see these maps translated to English. ~O

soner du said...

I'm currently working on a French version of Blackmarsh, called "Fangenoire" (litterally "Blackmire"), a rather faithful translation of your work, I'm just adding an index.

I'll let you know when it's finished, hopefully this spring.
It will be published for free on and my other "shops" (Lulu,

WIP document :
Discussion (in French) : (I've seen you there, Rob)

Robert Conley said...

Thanks for letting me know. I will be glad to post about it when it gets done.