Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bat in the Attic Kickstarter, Meet the Artist

I am a long time fan of the Harn fantasy setting from both Columbia Games and Kelestia. One the things that made Harn great was the art. First by Eric Hotz in the 80s and early 90s. And now Richard Luschek since the late 90s.

He has a strong b/w style as well as doing excellent color illustrations. I am pleased to announce that he agreed to do four pieces for the cover for the Basic Rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG.

Basic Rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG Kickstarter

He also has a blog where he talks about how he draws and his techniques. One interesting aspect is that he uses the 3D CAD Sketch Up to build up buildings on the local area Harn maps to use as a model for landscape illustrations in various harn products. You can see this in his post on drawing some the illustrations for Lorkin Castle.

The Basic Rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG Cover

I use a stylized cover where the front has three hexes and the back has a single larger image. I like to use this arrangement to tell a small story related to the content of the product. For the basic rules this story will be focusing on adventuring.

This starts with two individual adventurers dealing with the dungeon while focused on the treasure to the right. The back image showing the entire group working together to win the treasure.

I am pleased to have Richard on board for this project and hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

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Charles Saeger said...

Now I’m really glad I pledged. I hope CG runs a Kingdoms of Harn Kickstarter to get more material with updated color artwork. The stretch goals from the Cities Kickstarter were great as a result of it and a bargain, which is rare for CG.