Saturday, June 11, 2011

More D20 Hairstick creations

Kelly Anne has been working hard on her hairsticks and has another d20 hairstick for sale. There would have been two but the first one sold within hours of it being posted. Go Kelly Anne! She has started to play in the bi-weekly Tuesday S&W games I am running at the Gold Star Anime. Interestingly enough her character, a Human Burglar, is wearing a pair of hairsticks. I was asked how much damage they do. So...

Hairsticks, weight 0, 1d3.

She already used them to fight her way out of being swallowed by a Giant Toad.

Hairstick D20 Aurora Sparkle In Swarovski Crystal On A Violet Glitter StickA sky-streaked blue d20 die with a mysterious purple shimmer under argent numerals centers the D20 Aurora Sparkle Hairstick, the violaceous hues carried out with a brilliant violet Swarovski crystal bicone and sparkling birch wood stick with a shimmer of metallic UV-resistant outdoor acrylic under a glimmering mist of blue-violet glitter under a clear polyurethane gloss, the die set off with a pair of silver Tierracast pewter heishis and celestial bead cap.

The D20 Aurora Sparkle Hairstick is 7 5/16" in length with a usable length of 6".


jgbrowning said...

That's a pretty cool idea.

Anonymous said...

As a non native speaker I was really like: "What does d20 hairstick creation stand for? Overly complicated d20 monsters? Or fiddely d20 classes full of possibilities?"

It stands for hairsticks created with a d20... well... something learned again. Thanks.

Kelly Anne said...

Hairsticks are not entirely effective against magical poisonous toads: I had to be rescued anyway ;).

Jake said...

I think that a hairstick would be a cool weapon if a seemingly unarmed character whipped them out of her hair and threw them like shurikens at enemies.