Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blackmarsh SRD Updated

I updated the Blackmarsh SRD which you can download from here. RPGNow customers will also be able to download the new SRD from their accounts.

The Setting Reference Document has been updated to Revision 9. This contains some edits submitted by ptingler over on the Original D&D Discussion Forum, (appreciate this). I also reworked the paragraph mention Delving Deeper to be more generic. Finally I appended the Open Game License and made it clear that the entire document is under the Open Game License.

There was some question over the revision numbers. Each file has their own revision number which don't match the other files. In the case of the PDFs the revision number indicates more the Layout version.

I will be updating the print files over the next couple of days with the edits also adding Swords & Wizardry to list of products that Blackmarsh works the best with.


Christopher said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Patrick Tingler said...

Glad to be of some help. :-)

Dangerous Brian said...

Been meaning to thank you. I downloaded Blackmarsh a earlier this week. I've only had a chance to browse it thus far, but it's excellent. Thanks for making this freely available as a PDF download.