Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cartography and Harn updates

That if you want the low down on all kinds of cartography and how to make various types of maps one of the best places to find this information is the Cartography Guild and their forums.

Harn folks have new free updates over on Including a

A fortified Manor

A Townhouse along with details on it's wealthy inhabitants.
A new type of herb to make potions with.
Several villages and keeps.
And a Inn with a classic name.

Over on the Kelestia website they released a gorgeous PDF map of one of the mainland regions off of Harn, Shorkyne. Harn is an island off the the continent of Lythia where Shorkyne is located. Shorkyne is roughly equivalent to medieval Germany.

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matt said...

Nice find, those Harn PDFs are pretty nice, great for ideas for your own campaigns as well.