Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RPGNow and Doctors without Borders

RPG Now is running another charity sale. This time to help Doctors without Borders. They are working in Pakistan to help survivors of the floods.

The Haiti Relief bundle was chocked full of goodness and this is no different.

The items that caught my eye are

Harnmaster 3rd Edition
. You can see why Harnmaster is one of the most realistic, and playable combat systems out there. Used to be top dog in brutality until I played 2nd edition Runequest and it's flying limbs.

Icons - a rules light superhero game that everybody talked about. Now I will see what the fuss is about.

Starblazer Adventures
- another game people talked about favorable. A general purpose science fiction RPG using the Fate rule system.

If you like my map from yesterday you will like The Cursed Chateau. It has several maps by me detailing the Chateau and the dungeon underneath. Oh it has an adventure by James Maliszewski in it too. ;-). It is a pretty neat cursed manor adventure.

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Robert said...

Thanks for the pointer, Rob. Some good stuff in there.