Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Fifteen

Looks I am joining in the fun.

1) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition
The single greatest influence in my gaming history.

2) Traveller
THE sci-fi roleplaying game. Loved it from the get go and never looked by. Although I never refereed this as often as I would have liked.

3) Champions
First opened my eyes to possibility of skill based systems. Champion extended that to everything with Advantages, Limitations, and Powers

4) Harnmaster/Harn
Brutally realistic fantasy both in the game and the setting. The only game where player get pissed off at the NPCs for hitting them due to the graphic detail of the injury system. And they managed to make playable.

Currently my favorite RPGs. Although I question how they present the system at times this RPG is in my opinion the best written and best design out there.

6) Ars Magica
I mined this extensively for ideas and plots. Although never played it in of itself.

7) Vampire the Masquerade
One of the best monster manual ever, especially the GURPS version Probably not what the designer intended it to be used for.

8) Tactics II
The original hex and counter wargame and one of the first I learned to play

9) Swords & Wizardry
Such a great version to build and publish stuff off of. Thanks Matt!

10) Civilization
One of the greatest boardgames ever made. TRADE EMBARGO!

11) Diplomacy
No chance involve just your wits and ability to manipulate your friends

12) Star Fleet Battles
Loved the hell out launching a full spread and watch my opponent mark those boxes off his SSD.

13) D20 System
Without this I would not be blogging, publishing or writing professionally today

14) Battletech
My bread and butter wargame of the late 80s. Piloting giant robots and blowing the hell of your opponent what is not to love.

15) 2300AD
Loved it almost as much as Traveller. Very different feel. Liked the use of realistic star maps.


Frank said...

Hmm, Champions/Fantasy Hero didn't make my cut. GURPS is another one that didn't make the cut, but is odd, almost never played it, but I did draw heavily from it when I was working on my own "generic" system.


El Lass said...

The first three are in order. The rest are not

1) D&D 1st Ed

2) V&V

3) Star Fleet Battles

4) Car Wars

5) DC Heroes

6) GURPS 3e

7) Call of Cthulhu

8) Deadlands

9) Traveller

10) 2300AD

11) D&D 3.0 - 3.5

12) GURPS 4e

13) Pathfinder

14) Blood of Heroes

15) Battletech