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A Fantasy Sandbox in Detail Part XIV


This is the fourteenth in a series detailing the 34 steps I recommended for making a Fantasy Sandbox Campaign. Today's post will cover part of the following step.
Pick the 4 or 6 most important Population locales and draw a quarter page sketch map of the settlement.
From Step VIII0403 Datha (hamlet) Human
Datha is a small fishing hamlet on East Bay. A hundred humans live here in mud and wattle huts along the shoreline. The headman of the hamlet is Danis Hobrun who is thoroughly loyal to Baron Argus. Danis’ brother, Helmar is the yeoman in chief of the Baron’s small coast guard. Helmar and his fellow yeoman patrol shores of Piall looking for smugglers.

  1. This is the home of Danis Hobrun the village headsmen. He supervises the planting of the village's 1,500 acres. He is also the Baron's baliff and is empowered to hear cases of low justice. He worried that his brother, Helmar, will get the village into a feud with the village of Carras. He longs to explore some of the ruins on the northern end of Piall Island and is willing to help supply in an adventuring party going north or a half or full share. He has 1,000 gp, two boats, 10 javelins he can use.
  2. Swordfish Tavern - this is the local watering hole. It is noted for it's locally brewed grog which has fermented fish oil as one of it's main ingredients. Roll vs poison or throw up the contents of your stomach for 1d6 round. Strung along the central beam is a 7 foot long stuff Swordfish.
  3. Antimus Boats - this establishment builds and repairs boats. Antimus Black can make up to 40 foot single mast coasters. He noted for carving elaborate decorations into the boat.
  4. This is the home of Helmar Hobroun and the headquarters of the Baron's Coasters the local coast guard. He hates Moran Lordar of the village of Carra and will do anything to bring him down and his pack of thieves. Typically a single boat will go on a week along patrol of from East Bay to Southpoint. The patrol at the end of the month will also circle the island.
  5. This is the home of Vanis Black the son of the Antimus Black the boat maker. He is friends with Helmar and many of his coasters and is secretly in the employ of of Moran Lordar. He goes to Mikva once a week to pick up lumber and supplies for his father. There he will meet with one of Moran's henchmen

This village is typical of the type of settlement I make. Grimy, very medieval, and lots of intrigue even though is not earth shattering in scope. Players that get involved in these plots often wind up with valuable friends and allies.

This village also showcases my hut and boat symbols. Because I kept at mapping for so long I managed to accumulate a variety of symbols that allow me to throw together maps quickly. They were originally developed for a map of the Village of Woe in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. I never finished it but you can see it partly done.

That it for part XIV next is Part XV.

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