Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Edwin is alive! and more Sword & Wizardry goodness.

Last night's session (Monday) of Swords & Wizardry was a lot of fun. It started off with the character studying new spells and training. I allow a 1,000d (sp) to be spent for one week of training for 1,000 xp. Syvrivald and Eoleander took advantage of this to train while Ashling studied for two 3rd level spells.

During this Syrivald helped Fluff the Flappy of the Grog Stop by investing some money to help do some repairs and prepare for the upcoming festival week. In addition he found out that not only Fluff was a cleric of Dannu he was a high level cleric of Dannu. Capable of raising poor Edwin despite being dead for 9 days. Fluff agreed to the casting the spell after a donation of 3 gold crowns (320d each) to the church of Dannu.

Edwin awoke marveled at being alive. But the stench of decay cling to his clothes so he went off to take a bath and get into a fresh set as soon as he could. When he learned of the expedition to Clendower he asked if he could stay and watch the house instead.

Then they equipped themselves for the expedition to the Trehaen Circle of Clendower. (the C is not a misspelling). Unfortunately it is in the middle of the territory controlled by the Tarngol Emperor, a faction in the Viridian Civil War that is hostile to the Elves (Eoleander and Ashling). To overcome this they went to the Council of Viridistan and requested a couple of Tarngol uniforms and fake passes.

The Council of Viridistan, once being adventurers themselves, takes a liberal attitude towards adventurer types in Viridistan. They are tough but they are willing to work with various groups and their madcap schemes provided there is some benefit. In this case a full share of the treasure found. With a provision that if they find a library that it will waived be if they get a copy.

So they hired an old friend Illthan Porvus, Captain of the Green Maiden to give them passage to Yalusa on the frontier between Gormmah and Tarngol. It lies on the coast between the Barradine Mountains and the Trident Gulf. Along the way they were attacked by Tarngol privateers but easily defeated them with sleep spells and hold person.

Landing at Yalusa they were questioned by the Gormmah Guards and antagonized them. As a consequence they were taken to the balisca and forced to register their travel plans. Unfortunately this involved getting numbered tally sticks good for the road from Yalusa to Gormmah. They wonder what will happen when they don't use them as they plan to strike north through the Barradine Mountains.

They spent a pleasant day and evening at the White Gold Inn when they left Yalusa. During the climb into the mountain they encountered demon cultists led by Darken Levander a full blood Viridians. Once again sleep spells came handy downing everybody but Darken. Given chase they ran down the Viridian and webbed him. Eoleander revealed that he was half-Viridian and despised the full bloods. After a short consideration he killed Darken Levander. The rest of the party slaughtered the cultists.

Unlike a previous expedition the crossing of the Barradine mountains was uneventful. After another day's travel they reached settled territory under the control of the Tarngol Emperor. They donned their uniforms and headed north to where Clendower is. They almost stumbled into Grita Heath the location of the unit their fake passes said they were from. But they turned north and after another day's hike reached the mountain pass that leads to Clendower.

There in the pass they discovered a strange crater and a cave on the slopes underneath. In the cave they fought dwarves of the Darkhaven clan. Now they prepare to venture deeper into the cave.

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