Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Musings on Game rules

Zach over at RPG Blog 2 asks whether do you run with the rules as written. In general the rules that make up the reality of the settings (combat, magic, actions, etc) I generally run as written. The major exception if it is a bit too abstract (like Swords & Wizardry) or doesn’t reflect my setting (Majestic WIlderlands) I will add house rules. But if it is something like GURPS, Fantasy Hero, Harnmaster, etc I generally run with the rules as is with the addition of setting specific stuff (mostly magic). The reason for this is that I prize consistency in my rulings. Having a solid rule set helps me with that. Also having Tim, Ken and Dwayne as part of my group keeps me on my toes.

I am loving GMing Swords & Wizardry but it is a bit too abstract at times despite my house rules. But I really like the ease of preparation and the ability to use all my old D&D/AD&D stuff. Being able to use that stuff that OSR is producing is anothing major benefit.

One benefit of blogging, publishing and writing is becoming aware of the different system out there. Sure I am well read in RPGs but when you couple your raw knowledge with somebody account of playing the game you begin to get an understanding of those RPGs that you haven’t had the time to play.

This has led me think about what it would take to get my ideal system in place. Something with skills so character can be customized. With attacks and defenses and semi-realistic combat maneuvers but not go off the deep end on complexity. Try to relate back to d20 somehow so I can take advantage of already published material. After reading Runequest I am wondering if I am thinking along the same lines as those guys.

I don’t have any specific ideas on this nor I have any time to try to cobble something together. Also I really like being able to publish stuff. Trying to sell a new RPG when I have so many other things that people like and work with the world’s most popular roleplaying game it seems silly at this point.

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dogrodeo said...

I think you should try to make your perfect game just because it sounds exactly like the type of game I want to play but am too lazy to design. Do you really think that while on your deathbed you will say " Man, I sure am glad I never made my ideal game for my favorite hobby. " Come on, just do it!