Friday, April 2, 2010

Bat in the Attic Status Report #4

Working on Scourge of the Demon Wolf an adventure and sourcebook set in the Majestic Wilderlands. It is a sourcebook because I will be completely detailing some of the sites so you can yank them out and use them for your own games. About 1/3 of a done with the writing, all the maps are done and the artists have been hired.

The first quarter sales are in. Where we last left off we 74 print sales and 76 PDF sales. This greatly exceeded the 100 sales I was expecting which was a welcome surprise. Sales fell off as expected but I think still going well. The totals are

Dec 74 print, 76 PDF
Jan 18 print, 19 PDF
Feb 9 print, 10 PDF
Mar 11 print, 25 PDF
For a Total of 102 print, 130 PDF.

The breakdown between the Hex Cover and the Original Style is 79 Hex and 60 Original. Note that this include Lulu PDF sales.

As you noticed March was considerably higher than February. For this I have Zach of RPGBlog 2 and the RPGPundit to thanks for the excellent reviews in Fight On! and the RPGSite. Plus I placed an ad in Fight On! I have one in the next Knockspell as well. So it pays to continue marketing after the initial big month.

I appreciate the business of all you who bought the Majestic Wilderlands and hope those you who haven't gotten it yet will consider buying it. The Print copy is $12 + shipping at Lulu and the PDF is $7 at RPGNow.

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Tenkar said...

I have both PDF (bought first) and print... cause of its awesomeness ;)