Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the Attic: Alternate Hommlets

Back in the 1990's I rewrote the Village of Hommlet for use in GURPS. I even did a layout, printed it out and had it in a Binder.

Most of it was restating the NPCs, redoing the treasure and money using the Harn price system. But I did add a plot element to spice up the in-town adventure.

An alternate Entry #32

Some dozen temporary shelters are along the edge of this corpse of trees. They house ten peasant laborers and families. They are the workers constructing the castle. A few villagers also work on the castle, putting a half-day's work every week.

Currently there is mounting tension between the workers and the villagers as the workers attempted to erect a tent to serve as a pub. The resulting protest from Ostler Guntram forced the Braumeister not to sell any more kegs of beer or ale to the workers. One of the workers is currently in jail because he tried to steal a keg from the Braumeister.

The Workers do not want to go to the Welcome Wench because the villagers have made it a unfriendly place for them to visit. Recently a spate of vandalism has hit the village the works are being blamed for this.

One of the workers, Rodolf, is working for the slave lords spying on the construction. He is currently trying to enflame situation as much as he can. He was the one that did the initial vandalism and was able to incite some of the workers to join in.

Rodolf Labourer and Agent of the Slavers, 34 years old

Lothar Labourer, 26 years old
Austrechild Wife, 24 years old
Hildeoc son, 3 months old

Giselpert Labourer, 34 years old
Brunie Wife, 32 years old
Rego daughter, 10 years old
Salinga daughter, 8 years old

Dragolen Headsman, 41 years old
Audovera Wife, 38 years old
Gunthuec daughter, 12 years old
Lamisso son, 11 years old
Ingund daughter, 8 years old

Horik Labourer, 32 years old
Malulf Labourer, 36 years old
Theodebert Son, 12 years old

Wechtari Labourer, 23 years old

Thoris Labourer, 28 years old
Thyri Wife, 26 years old
Theuli daughter, 2 years old

Ferghus Labourer, 45 years old

Ivar Labourer, 25 years old
Truda Wife, 26 years old

This is one of the characters I created for the GURPS version. In my version it wasn't the Temple of Elemental Evil that had spies in town but rather the slave lords.

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