Friday, December 11, 2009

The OGL and the Majestic Wilderlands

I had some inquires about adapting the Majestic Wilderlands to other systems. I apologize for not stating this out front but the entirety of Men & Magic and Monster & Treasures is under the Open Gaming License except for any Judges Guild specific terms like City-State of the Invincible Overlord which are Product Identity. The setting information in Wilderness & Adventures is likewise Product Identity. The declaration of open content is on the page with the foreward and the license the back page.

This is deliberately liberal as while I believe in a strong copyright (perhaps for shorter term than life+95 years) I also a strong proponent of open gaming. The rules for the Majestic Wilderlands wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the d20 SRD and Matt Finch's Swords & Wizardry so it only fair that I return the favor.

So this means you can take whatever section of the rules, adapt them, mutant them, kitbash, or whatever as long as you use the OGL in turn.

Also my Section 15 is pretty easy to copy consisting only of four entries. For those who don't know copying section 15 of the license to a derivative work is a requirement of the OGL. Some otherwise open product have section 15s as long as my arm.

Also if anybody managed to fabricate a book out of the PDF I would like to hear about it. I had to get my printout chopped in two and coil bound as I just couldn't staple it together.

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