Monday, December 7, 2009

% In Liar strikes again

% In Liar was a famous typo in the Original D&D books. It was found on the header of the monster listing on Page 3 in Volume 2 Monsters & Treasure. Now I know how those guys feel. The PDF I uploaded to RPGNow had several tables trashed. Namely the Viridian and Half-Viridian spell tables and the Trade deal table.

I fixed the problem and updated the RPGNow. I noticed that when I selected the option to let customer know about an update the number was less than the number of people who had bought the product. So hence a blog post letting everybody know the problem has been fixed.

The Lulu version I haven't released yet until I throughly check the first print copy.

I also want to thank everybody for their comments and to my fellow bloggers for their shout outs.

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imredave said...

My favorite part of that typo is the fact that Arduin Grimore then gave an actual %liar for all their monsters. My recollection was that Deodanths and Kobbits were lying about 90% of the time