Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Computer Crash

The main hard drive to my computer crashed. Have recent backups of work files so I am good there but it will take me a day or so to recover to where all my software is functioning again.

Update -11:30 Eastern Time
Got a Terabyte HD and reinstalled Windows Vista on it. Now have internet capability. Hooked the old Main HD and determined that the something dinked the NTFS volume that I boot off of. Ten years ago the answer would have been to use Norten Disk Doctor to get the drive bootable again and manually clone it. However day it is a little more complicated.

Surveying the different disk utilities out there it is hard to say what is the best for my situation. I want to get the damn thing going again so I have more options about not having to reinstall every last program. One thing the open source utilities have vastly improved over the last couple of years. I am going to use a program called Test Disk. It works as far as pulling off some files now I have it trying to rebuild the drive structures which will take all night.

Update-Dec 17 6:00am
Forgot to turn off automatic updates so the rebuild of the drive's structure stopped sometimes last night. So will have to to restart the process after work. The point of this is to make the drive bootable. The good news is that I managed to recover my latest work. It wasn't much since the last backup but still nice to have.

Update-Dec 17 6:30pm
Copying off files left and right so far so good.

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Timeshadows said...

I am very sorry to hear of your woes.
--G-dspeed on the recovery.