Sunday, November 22, 2009

A quest for all concerned

There are a few missing bits from the origins of Dungeons & Dragons that are not preserved on-line. For example the 13 to 14 issues of the Domesday book published by the Castles & Crusade society.

The one thing I would like to get my hands on is a photo or scan of the map referenced in the forward to original Dungeons & Dragons

"ONCE UPON A TIME, long, long ago there was a little group known as the Castle and Crusade Society. Their fantasy rules were published, and to this writer's knowledge, brought about much of the current interest in fantasy wargaming. For a time the group grew and prospered, and Dave Arneson decided to begin a medieval fantasy campaign game for his active Twin Cities club. From the map of the "land" of the "Great Kingdom" and environs — the territory of the C & C Society — Dave located a nice bog wherein to nest the weird enclave of "Blackmoor", a spot between the "Great Kingdom" and the fearsome "Egg of Coot". From the CHAINMAIL fantasy rules he drew ideas for a far more complex and exciting game, and thus began a campaign which still thrives as of this writing! In due course the news reached my ears, and the result is what you have in your hands at this moment. While the C & C Society is no longer, its spirit lives on, and we believe that all wargamers who are interested in the medieval period, not just fantasy buffs, will enjoy playing DUNGEONS and DRAGONS. Its possibilities go far beyond any previous offerings anywhere!

Any help with this would be appreciated. I have messages throughout the various old school forums hopefully somebody reading this will know somebody with a copy that can be scanned. My intent is not only have this preserved for everybody to look at. But re-render it like I did with Blackmarsh so people can make their own version for their campaigns.

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