Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gaspcon First Day

Running the Ruins of Ramat was a success! I had four players including a 11 year old who was playing a RPG for the first time. The party consisted of a Cleric of Mitra, a Berserker, a Thug, and a Trehaen Mage. The party managed to clear out the ruins and free the spear. Once again I had players make up characters before the games. While I was using stuff from my project my classes reflects the simplicity of OD&D. Using the S&W reference and some reference stuff I had character creation done in a 1/2 hour. This was a little longer than at Erie Day of Gaming as one player was a novice and another hadn't played in decades.

They had a lot of fun. Combat was fast and furious. And two of the players are returning on Sunday to play the Beast of Kensla.

So tommorrow look for a Con wrapup report.

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