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The Military in the Majestic WIlderland's CIty-State

There are several military units in my version of the City State of the Invincible Overlord

The Legion of the Overlord
The Legion is main standing army of the Overlord. It is comprised of 5000 men divided into VastThrongs and EquiThrongs. The composition of the Legion is as follows

Legion (5000 men) Lord Marshal
8 VastThrongs
2 EquiThrongs

VastThrong (500 men) Marshal
5 Throngs

EquiThrong (500 Horses) Marshal
1 Squadron of Heavy Cavalry
2 Squadrons of Medium Cavalry
2 Squadrons of Light Cavalry

Throng (100 Men) Captain
1 Company of Swordsmen
2 Companies of Pikemen
2 Companies of Bowmen

** A Throng can be divided into Two Cohorts of 50 men as follows
1 Maniple of Swordsmen
1 Company of Pikemen

Bowmen are not part of Cohorts and used as support.
A Cohort is usually led by the Captain and the other led by a Senior Lieutenant.

Squadron (100 Horses) Captain
5 Companies of Heavy/Medium/Light Cavalry (depending on unit type)

Company (20 Men) Lieutenant
2 Maniples

Maniple (10 Men) Sergeant
1 Corporal
8 Soldiers

Ranks are as follows:

Lord Marshal
Commander of the Legion usually is in the City-State planning with the Overlord. Except when in a major conflict with Sotur or Viridstan then he commands the assembled Legion.

Commander of a VastThrong; usually at the province or march seat directing the operations of the various Throngs. In cases of the mass rebellion such as what is occurring in Bernost Province then the Marshal will take direct Command.

Commander of a Throng. The Throng is the smallest independent unit in the Legion. Comprised of a 100 men and includes pike and bow, the Throng is capable of sustaining battle where the Overlord directs. The Captains is in direct contact of the Throng at all times.

Senior Lieutenant
This rank is given to the most experienced or worthy Lieutenant in the Throng. This ranks marks him as being able to take over the Captain's position in case of death or command a Cohort if the Captain choose to spilt the throng. A Cohort is not a independent unit but is used for tactical flexibility by the Captain.

The Commander of a Company of men. A Lieutenant responsibility is to listen for the Captains order and ensure that they are obeyed correctly.

The Sergeant leads a maniple, and is responsible for the training, discipline, and morale of his maniple. A Lieutenant depends on his sergeants to have the men ready to obey the order relayed to him.

The Corporal is the assistant to the Sergeant and aids him in training and discipline.

The colors of the Legion is a red tabard with a black trim.

The Lord Marshal has a Gold Trim
The Marshal has a Silver Trim
The Captain has a Yellow Trim
The Senior Lieutenant and the Lieutenant has a White Trim
The Sergeant and the Corporal both have a Blue Trim.

The Royal Guard
The Royal Guard are the personal Troops of the Overlord. They number 500 men and are divided into the High Guard and the Low Guard. All members of the Royal Guard receive training in sword and shield. The High Guard are also trained as cavalry, while the Low Guard are trained in the Crossbow.

The Royal Guard are normally stationed in the City-State occupying the Cryptic Citadel and the Silverlight Palace.

The Composition of the Royal Guards are as follows

The High Guard
1 Company of Heavy Cavalry "The Knights of the Inner Circle"
4 Companies of Medium Cavalry

The Low Guard
1 Company of Sword/Crossbowmen "Guardians of the Gate"
4 Companies of Sword/Crossbowmen "The Guardians of the Citadel"
5 Companies of Sword/Crossbowmen - II Cohort
5 Companies of Sword/Crossbowmen - III Cohort
5 Companies of Sword/Crossbowmen - IV Cohort

There is a Captain for the High Guard and the Low Guard.

A Commander leads each of the five companies of the High Guard.

One Lieutenant leads the Guardians of the Gate and the Guardians of the Citadel. Each of the other Cohorts are lead by a Lieutenant. Each Company in the Low Guard is lead by a Sergeant assisted by a Corporal.

The Knights of the Inner Circle are the personal guards of the Overlord himself and they are present inside the Palace itself. The rest of the High Guard reside in a compound next to the Palace. All members of the High Guard are allowed to be called Knights Bachelor.

The Guardians of the Citadel are the elite of the Low Guard and they reside in the Cryptic Citadel. Four Companies live in each tower while the fifth lives in the Citadel's gatehouse. The fifth is known as the Guardians of the Gate is the elite of the elite. The remaining Low Guard man the outer defense works of the Citadel.

The color of the Royal Guards is a tabard with red on the left half and black on the right half

The High Guard were the tabard with a silver trim
The Knights of the Inner Circle wear the tabard with a gold trim
The Captain of the High Guard wears a Gold belt
The Company Commanders wears a Silver belt
The remaining members of the High Guard wears a Red belt.

The Low Guard wear the plain tabard
The Guardians of the Citadel wear a tabard with a blue trim.
The Guardians of the Gate wear the tabard with a white trim.

The officers of the Low Guard wear their belt the same way as in the Legion.

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