Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Dragon for my Birthday

My Birthday is this month and Kelly Anne, my wife, got me a nice Dragon figure.

It is by Schliech which makes a variety of other figurines some of which may be useful for fantasy RPGs. Here is a link to the amazon site.


Jay said...

I've seen that guy at Target and been tempted to pick him up. I'm a big fan of re-purposing nice action figures as minis. Saves a lot when you consider how much that would have been in metal and paint!

Gothridge Manor said...

Happy Birthday Rob. Hope you have a good one. And very cool dragon.

MJ Harnish said...

Schleich makes some cool figures - they're in practically every toy store here in Germany. I got some for my son early on to start training him to be a gamer geek. :o)