Monday, November 23, 2009

A new spell and class of magic items for OD&D.

Enchant Charm
Spell Level: Magic-user 4th level, Cleric 3rd Level
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent

This spell is used to create magical charms, in addition to whatever research, special ingredients, and other efforts the Referee may determine are necessary for the task. Charms are similar to scrolls and wands in that they are used to cast the spells stored within them. Unlike scrolls the charm can have another spell infused them at a considerably cheaper cost; 50 gp per spell level. The creation of the charm itself is twice as much as a scroll cost to make; 200 gp per spell level. A charm can only be infused with spells at the level they are made or less.

For example a 5th level Charm can have 3rd level Fireball infused it in it but not a 6th level Flesh to Stone. Charms are made out of materials worth at least 10 gp time the spell level stored. They take the forms of pendants, rings, cords, and other items that are easy to wear. Only one charm may cast on an object.

This represents a intermediate level between a scroll and a full blown magic item. Basically charms are one charge magic items. My version is assumes that scroll cost 100 gp per spell level to create. If your campaign uses a different figure then the cost of CREATING charms should be DOUBLE your cost, and the cost to RECHARGE charms should be HALF of your scroll cost.

This addition may appear trivial in combination with other additions and variants it allows me to create different magic user classes and order without straying from OD&D roots.

Charms form the basis of rune magic which lead to the rune-caster class. The Enchant Charm assumes that you are using an amulet, bracelet, etc as your charm. The rune variant allow the charm to be cast into a rune. The advantage is that the you can inscribe runes into anything that can take writing including tattoos on a human body.

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E.G.Palmer said...

I like this idea! I'm going to stick it in my houserules folder for further chewing over.

I think I'll limit the magic that can be imbued into a charm to wards, protection ,and +s for the charm wearer.

That seems more ,charmy, to me.