Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Fantasy Sandbox in Detail Part X

Part IX This is the tenth in a series detailing the 34 steps I recommended for making a Fantasy Sandbox Campaign. Today's post will cover the following step.
22) For each population locale come up with three to five encounters. They should be a sentence each.

Encounters 0105 Hawth (village) Dwarf Balkrin Strongaxe, a Dwarf, needs several nuggets officially assayed in Mikva. He wants to remain in his tunnel to avoid claim jumpers. Avarik the Bald, a Dwarf, has recovered some pages that could unveil what’s underneath Southpoint. The rest of the book is thought to be in Bone Keep Valard the Yellow Mage recently made a small flying animated statue. However the enchantment failed midway through the test and the rather valuable statue fell into the sea next to Southpoint. Dair’s son Nar stupidly left his axe somewhere on the south downs. He want the party to help find it quietly. In return he will pay them a small amount of gold and an introduction to his father. 

0204 Sandpoint (village) Halfling Buck Hightower prized flock of sheep (their wool is extra-fine) was scattered in a wolf attack. He needs extra hands to find and gather them. He will pay well. Albrus Oldham is organizing a posse to go after Lodan Brightbuckle. Two star-crossed lovers from the Greencastles and the Yellowjams are missing in the south down. The two families need help finding them. They have a long standing feud. 

0401 Aventis Village Two of the best sea horse racers challenge one of the party. King Touris expects them to compete or lose face. Horan, a master merman artisan, has grown a beautiful statue out of coral. Just as it was ready to be detached a school of Giant Octopus take residence around it. King Touris’ youngest son Ormus despises surface dwellers. He attempts to steal something valuable from the party to make them lose face.

0403 Mikva (castle, town) Human A fight brakes out between Baronial Loyalist and King’s men. It spills from the tavern out onto the street. A Giant Squid has taken to liking to Master Willis’ barges. He wants the party aid in killing or driving off the Giant Squid. The party walks by an alleyway where a bunch of folks are unloading a wagon. One of the crate falls and a bunch of spearheads, swords, and arrowheads spill to the ground. Master Donovon from Sandpoint has a tear in his tent that renders it useless for market day. He needs somebody get his spare from Sandpoint so he can setup for market day. In a market stall the party comes across some scrolls that have details on Sable Port. They are quite old and brittle. The Sheriff needs somebody to take a ride around the island looking for anybody living in the wilderness. He wants to make sure the tax rolls are complete. Thomar Devar approaches the party. Several of his fellow fishermen buddies have disappeared (Sahuagins?). Thomar and his buddies are smugglers and are in league with Moran of Carra

0403 Datha (hamlet) Human Somebody has been cutting clam traps in the bay. Helmar need more hands to watch for the perpetrators. A boat is seen floundering in the bay the party is the closest. Helmar needs extra swords to help break up a suspected smuggler’s meeting tonight. He can’t offer much but will put in a good word with the Baron.

0404 Carra (hamlet) Human A body is found on the shore north of Carra. The Sheriff has an arrest writ for on Hevus a resident on Carra. He needs a well armed party to go get him. Ordham’s compatriots got busted last night and now sit in the Baron dungeons. He need a well armed party to help with a smuggler’s meeting that night in the entrance of the bay. 

  0504 Kathi (village) Human Sir Vandas warmly welcomes the party with food and drink. He later suggest a friendly bout with him and his son Andal. However he is a sore loser. A bloody man staggers into the village screaming that Sea-Devils are attacking the outlying hamlet and sheepfolds. A small spy party from Po is also caught in the midst of the raid and do not wish to be discovered.
Random tables really help in generating the mass of encounters needed for this step. I like S John Ross Big List of RPG Plots as a starting point This about the 36 plots is also helpful. The venerable Tablesmith is always good (if you run Windows)  
You can use Inspiration Pad Pro by Nbos.
That it for Part X, next is Part XI.


Flynn said...

Another option instead of Tablesmith would be NBOS Software's Inspiration Pad Pro, a free app that similarly generates results from random tables you can create yourself:

Hope This Helps,

Anonymous said...

I Love your Blog, Great Work!

Flynn said...

Hello, Rob! If you don't mind me asking, when will you be returning to this series of articles? I'd really like to see more of your process of working through the steps. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

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Robert Conley said...

The next series involves some map drawing and I got some other projects to clear first before tackling the remaining steps.

But I plan to get through the remaining posts. This series is a first draft for a later project.

PatrickW said...

Tracking down feedback on the PDF, I discovered that BigList of RPG Plots and Tablesmith are now dead links. :(

Robert Conley said...

Fixed up the links.