Thursday, October 8, 2009

And still more gaming accessories for your hair.

My wife, Kelly Anne does a beautiful job with her hairsticks, drape lace set, and chignon pins.

She has made another hair accessory that may be of interested to the gaming crowd. You can look at it here.

The Sapphire Symmetry D20 hairstick is perfect for gaming night...or any night you need a touch of swords and sorcery. The clear blue d20 die is top-drilled and embellished with an alabaster cat's eye ball, a Swarovski crystal bicone of a most saturated sapphire blue, a coordinating Czech firepolished faceted rondelle, and a silvery, be-swirled beadcap upon a solid wood stick in gleaming pearl with shining protective gloss enamel.

The Sapphire Symmetry D20 hairstick is 7 3/4" in total length, with a 6 1/8" usable length.

Thanks again to Nightblooming for permission to use the wonderful d20 hairstick idea!

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