Sunday, October 5, 2008

Veteran Gamers

I am in a lull while one of my players is on a trip. I am running a short series of OD&D sessions with another one of my players. Character generation was going good for his four characters although the player was wondering why the scores were coming out low. Later he investigated and found out that he choose a d6 with 1 to 3 only on it. Needless to say the next set with proper d6s were much better.

So you veteran gamers make sure the dice you pull out of your bag are really the ones you want and not that funky weird one you bought 10 years ago.

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Joseph said...

I still have one of those 1-3 d6's. I got it out of an old game called "Chopper Strike", which I had long ago cannibalized for the neato-torpedo pastic minis.