Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Of Overlords, Kings and Barons, Building a Feudal Setting Part 12

The continuing a series of posts detailing how I developed the feudal system of the City-State in my Majestic Wilderlands campaign.

To recap I laid out the purpose and hierarchy of the Archives, Census, along with the Provincial and March hierarchies.

Bureau of Order
The MINISTER OF ORDER heads the Bureau of Order. The purpose of the Bureau is to maintain the Royal Prison, the Debtors Prison, and the Royal Constables. The Royal Constables are charged with appending any outlaws and with transferring of prisoners.

The first thing is that the Prison is only temporary in the City-State and the rest of the Majestic Wilderlands. Either one of two things will happen the prisoner gets his trial and either is acquitted or found guilty and punished. Or the prisoner is too poor or is low of status to get a trial. Within a couple of months he will be taken out of the prison and sold into slavery. A feudal society cannot afford to feed prisoners for years on end.

Historically a debtor's prison dealt with people unable to pay their debt (or fines). They would be taken prisoner and held until the family is able to repay the debt. In the meantime they would be put to work as slaves and paid a nominal wage that would go towards repaying their debt. Needless to say this system was highly corrupt and often drove low status families into abject poverty.

Under the Minister of Order are:
Lord Warden of the Royal Prison
The Gaolers of the Royal Prison
Lord Warden of the Debtor's Prison
   The Gaolers of the Debtor's Prison
Commander of the Royal Constables.
Captains of the Royal Constables.
Royal Constables

The Chancery
The CHANCELLOR OF THE OVERLORD heads the Chancery. The Chancellor is responsible for the general government and judiciary of the City-State. All officials of the Overlord are held accountable to the Chancellor. The Chancellor is also head of the Privy Council, which includes all Ministers of the Overlord. The Chancellor sits with the four Royal Magistrates as the Court of Appeals which hears any appeals from the judgments of the Sheriffs of the Provinces and Marches.

The Lord Advocate is the Overlord's representative to the Senate and is entitled to speak during debates. The Chancery Advocates do the same at the various Shield Courts setup by the Senate.

The Inquisitor of the City-State has the authority to examine the records of any ministry and report to the Chancellor. He has no staff or regular duties and only used by the Chancellor as needed.

The Chief Prosecutor is charged with seeking out any who violate the Overlord's peace or the Overlord's privileges. Any violators are brought to the proper official's attention. Usually the region's High Baliff or Sheriff. The Royal Agent are the overt arm of this office. And the notorious Black Lotus are the secret police acting as spies and informers.

Under the Chancellor are:
Royal Magistrates(4);
Chief Clerk of the City-State;
Clerks of the City-State
Lord Advocate of the City-State;
Chancery Advocates
Inquisitor of the City-State;
Chief prosecutor.
Royal Agents
Captain of the Black Lotus;
Black Lotus Agents

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