Friday, November 15, 2013

Treasure for my Birthday and Dwarven Forge Notes

My wonderful wife, Kelly Anne got me the Ancient Treasure set from Dwarven Forge.

It is pretty cool and will come in handy along side the original Treasure Set it bought a couple of years back.

Also for all those you missed the kickstarter Dwarven Forge has started selling their game tiles both painted and unpainted. One set is $85 painted and $55 unpainted. 

If you think that the game tiles will be too unwieldy you may want to look at just some of the add ons like the Door Pack, Stairs, or Furnishing. Just use your dry erase as normal or you Dungeon Tiles and place them on top.

Finally even if you don't want any of the above. I suggest looking at their paints and brushes. They are top quality even for regular miniatures. 

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Anders Kirstein said...

That really is a gorgeous treasure set!
I have been eyeing myself for quite some time, and think i might have to add it to my kickstarter game tiles as well :)
Are you going to show some more Tegel manor game reports, with dwarven forge, maybe?
Or show us how your painting progress is getting on?