Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blackmarsh exceeds 4000 copies!

Tenkar's reports on the downloads of the Free Swords and Wizardry Complete PDF reminded me that I forget to post that Blackmarsh exceeded 4,000 copies. I didn't make much money ($250 to date) but that wasn't the point. With the Heroes and Other Worlds version, the Hungarian translation, and numerous campaign reports from blogs, Blackmarsh has achieved the goals I set out for it. To have a straightforward high quality hex crawl setting for people to use and to reference.

At the current rate of downloads (about 75 to 125 a month) I expect 5,000 downloads will be reached in late 2014. And don't forget that the print copy is only $7 plus shipping.

Finally I would like to say that that if anybody wants to translate Blackmarsh into their native language, I am open to have it included in RPGNow download packet. Of course the translation will be credited. Feel free to email if you have question on the meaning of any placename or term you are not familiar with.


Brian I said...

Outstanding and well deserved!

Chris C. said...

Congrats Rob! That really is great!

Tenkar said...

Awesome news!

It's really a great sandbox :)

Ynas Midgard said...

The Hungarian version is coming together slowly; now that the translation is ready, we are converting Blackmarsh to a Hungarian retro-clone (Kazamaták és Kompániák).

I am also working on a personal project with the working title of "Black Metal Marsh"; I'll come back to it as soon as I finish writing it.

Gothridge Manor said...

Wow Rob, 4000 and counting. I've got two copies myself.

Digital Orc said...

well done! [hand raised]