Friday, November 1, 2013

A correction to my previous correction about Lulu's 40% off sales.

OK for real this time.

From now until Monday (Nov 4th) you can use the code FALLSALE40 to buy books at 40% off on Lulu.

You can buy Majestic Wilderlands (in one of two covers) and Scourge of the Demon Wolf.

As well as OSR stuff along with Swords and Wizardry which the MW Supplement is based on. I personally recommend the Monster Book. Also have a look at back issues of Fight On!

And to prove it here is a screen shot.


Brian I said...

I was quite happy to get a new printed copy of "Blackmarsh" via Lulu's 40%. :) My copy arrived yesterday - along with the rest of my Heroes & Other Worlds loot.

I've used Blackmarsh previously with Swords & Wizardry and some Labyrinth Lord. Definitely digging the HOW adaption, and very glad you open-sourced Blackmarsh for folks.

Robert Conley said...

Appreciate the compliment and glad you are enjoying it.