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Scourge Preview

The Scourge of the Demon Wolf is both an adventure and a sourcebook. The adventure portion occupies most of the front half and the sourcebook most of the back half. I designed the sourcebook to complement the adventure portion with added details if the referee wants it. Otherwise it can be used a source of locales for your own campaigns if you don't use the Majestic Wilderlands. I do include Majestic Wilderlands abilities and classes in the stat blocks but as you will see you can still easily use them if you don't own the supplement.

It unedited so it is a bit rough.

1) Kensla Green
The festivities, meetings, and trials of the villages are conducted on the grass of Kensla Green. Location A is a natural amphitheatre in the center of which is a large flat stone used by those speaking. Location B is the village stock which is used for a more serious punishment than fines. 10% chance per week of it being occupied. Location C is one of the village’s communal wells. 2d6 persons are found here in the early morning, noon or late afternoon gossiping about what going on around the village.

2) The Broken Keg
This open air tavern is where many of the villager congregate after the day’s work. It is built like a modern day picnic shelter with one side enclosed to protect the kegs of ale and the drinking ware. The Broken Keg gets its name from the broken half of a keg sitting on the wide bar. Visitors and the wealthier villagers are expected to pitch a penny or two into the barrel to pay for restocking the ale. Poorer villagers contribute their labor to repairing the tavern or going on the monthly run to Denison’s Corner to carry back full kegs for restocking. The Beadle Swaefred keeps an eye out for anybody getting drunk on a weekday.

A permanent fixture is Old Hanwald. He is 67 years old and lame in one leg. The Reeve Tomas has placed him in charge of watching the tavern during the day. He has an opinion on everybody and everything. He is noted for sweating a lot when he retells one of his old war stories. If he takes a liking to one of the characters he will confide with them where they can find the best fishing spot on Artane Stream. (It’s a mile upstream to the southwest). If the players succeed in killing the Demon Wolf they become part of his rotation of stories (sweating and all).

3) Manor House
This is the home of the Bailiff of Kensla. Due the death of Sir Anson Jerol it is currently unoccupied. Sisara, the wife of Sir Anson, has left with her children two weeks ago to be with her family in Goodnap. Currently Ocberht, his wife Beburh, and their three children tend the Manor House. Ocberht’s family have been servants of the manor for the last three generations.

When Ocberht was young he ran away to fight in the war between Nomar and the Skandians. He returned after four years and doesn’t speak of the experience. However he developed a habit of excessive blinking that is unnerving to watch. He takes great pride in keeping the manor well repaired and guests well cared for.
Visitors on good terms with the Reeve and the villagers will be offered lodging in the great hall of the manor.

4) Village Reeve
This is the home of the Reeve Tomas, his wife Fara, and their five children. Their eldest son, Hobert is currently in the service of the Baron’s Guard at Westtower. Tomas became the Reeve, seven years ago and is noted for his leadership ability. Unknown to the villager and his wife is that he is the bastard brother of Sir Crosin of Ardale. When Tomas came of age, Crosin’s mother forced him to leave Ardale. However, Tomas’ father put in a good word with the baron which helped secure his election as Reeve several years later. He tries to keep his knowledge of courtly manner to himself.
Tomas, Village Reeve; AC 9[10]; 4th level Craftsman; HP 4; HTB +0; ATK 1 DMG 1d4; MV 120’; Save: 17; ABL; Profession(Farming): +5, Posses: Dagger, Pitchfork, 5d.

5) Tanner
Beorn was always the weakling and was made the butt of jokes by the village kids. But fortuitous friends with the old tanner led to an apprentice. When the old tanner died without an heir Beorn inherited the franchise. Beorn is now the wealthiest villager in Kenslas. He has a lucrative trade in vellum, and parchment which fetches high prices in City-State. He is noted for his exaggerated politeness accompanied by elaborate bows. He generally supports Tomas. The tannery is located well to the north of the village with the winds carrying the smell over the North fields.

6) Yeoman (Archer)
Inghelm lives here with his wife Aebba, his adult son Cermund, 18, and a younger daughter. Inghelm was a squire in the service of a knight. However he was disgraced and was forced to leave. He wandered for a few years serving in various guards and militia until he was able secure a freehold in Kensla. Now his biggest desire is that Cermund become a squire. If he thinks a character can do this he will invite them to dinner to make his case. Despite being a skilled fighter Cermund is indifferent to the idea, being more concerned with the village girls. He was very loyal to Sir Anson Jerol, the former Baliff, and desires revenge against his killer. He will support the Elder Anselm cries of vengeance.
Inghelm, Yeoman; AC 8[11]; 1st level Soldier; HP 5; HTB +0; ATK 2 DMG 1d6; MV 120’; Save: 17;, Posses: Long Bow (70 ft), Shortsword (1d6), Dagger (1d4), Quilt Armor, 13d.

Cermund, Yeoman; AC 9[10]; 1st level Fighter; HP 6; HTB +0; ATK 2 DMG 1d6; MV 120’; Save: 17;, Posses: Long Bow (70 ft), Shortsword (1d6), Dagger (1d4), 3d.
7) Smithy
Hegist is the village smith. A big man with a jolly face he well liked by nearly everybody and is a favorite of the village children. If he some scrap iron he will take the time to forge some small toys or trinkets and give them out to be played with. He also noted for being the hairiest man in the village. He lives here with his wife Gwen, and five children.

His eldest, Ingnar is a bit of a rake whose troubles causes Hegist rare bad moods. When this happens Hegist goes down to the Broken Keg and drinks himself into a stupor. Hegist doesn’t like politics and goes along with the majority of the village. Ingvar hangs out with his gang and goes along whatever looks to be fun or the least work.
Hegist, Village Smith; AC 9[10]; 5th level Craftsman; HP 6; HTB +0; ATK 1 DMG 1d8+1; MV 120’; Save: 17; ABL; Profession(Blacksmith): +6, Posses: Warhammer, 20d.

Ingnar; AC 7[12]; 1st level Thug; HP 4; HTB +0, ATK 1 DMG 1d6; MV 120’; Save 15; ABL: Athletics +1, Area Know +1, Intimidation +1, Locution +1 Possession, Leather, Club (1d6) 6d.
One thing that has been helping is Harn Manor and the NPC chapter from Paizo's Gamemastery Guide. I use Harn's village generation table and Paizo's NPC tables a idea generator for the individual entires.

I find that I have a dozen or so good ideas for a locale but when I need more I need a little jog to my imagination. Often what comes out is unexpected and causes the place to be more interesting than it otherwise would be.

For a map of the village see this post.

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